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I Don’t Smoke app review: an app to help you quit smoking



I count myself as one of the lucky ones as I’ve never smoked a day in my life, but I’m well aware of what a challenge it can be trying to quit smoking as I’ve witnessed firsthand several of my family members struggle with the task. Smoking is a habit generally developed early in life when we still believe we’re invincible and by the time we figure out we’re not we’re already addicted and wondering how we can ever give it up. I Don’t Smoke is an app developed by Theros AG specifically designed to help you move past your smoking habit. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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I Don’t Smoke — free way to quit smoking


The Developer's Story

Theros AG is a company based in Switzerland and headed by its founder Serge Bogachev. He’s an interesting fellow with a strong background in IT. Bogachev is originally from Russia, but he currently makes his primary home in Switzerland and he has for the past few years. He has a degree in IT as well as a Masters in business which has given him the background to develop new and innovative technologies such as the I Don’t Smoke App.

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While Theros AG is a relatively new company, Serg Bogachev brings with him a wealth of experience developed as project manager for 2Day Communications. In his previous roles, he’s tackled some exciting projects in the areas of online trade and opening up emerging markets. Theros AG is an emerging company in the IT world and as far as I can tell I Don’t Smoke is their first attempt at an app.

Towards a Smoke-Free Life

I was actually quite surprised to find that there are dozens of other apps available in the App Store to help you quit smoking. They all seem to share some common themes and rely on a lot of motivational information to help convince you that quitting smoking is the right decision. What I liked about I Don’t Smoke is that it not only provides you with some motivational advice, but it also includes some actual statistics and lets you know the impact that smoking has on your wallet as well. For most people the benefits to their health from quitting smoking are probably enough. But, if that’s not the case for you, when you see how much you can save by quitting smoking you may just be convinced.

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This is a pretty simple app to use and it has a user interface with a nice soothing set of background colors and some background clouds which I’m assuming are included to put you in a relaxed frame of mind. The app is well-organized with a nice menu at the top to access all of the information inside and it runs very smoothly. There are no ads, but the free version does limit the number of features you can access. If you wish to have full access to all of the features then you’ll have to upgrade to the full version through in-app purchase. This app will require 4.2 MB of available space on your iOS device.

I Don’t Smoke — free way to quit smoking


How This App Can Help

The first time you run the app you’ll be asked for some basic information about yourself such as your name, age, how often you smoke, and how long you’ve been smoking. This is used to create a profile against which you can measure your progress. If you wish to make changes to your profile later you can access it from the settings button on the top menu at any time.

One of my favorite things about this app is its use of some key graphic information to help keep you motivated. On the main page you’ll see a rolling clock that tells you how long it’s been since you quit (you have to manually let the app know when you started the process). As long as you continue to remain smoke-free you’ll notice the wallet icon at the top of the page has a value underneath it that continues to grow indicating how much money you’ve saved over the time since you quit. It’s a strong motivational factor which can be quite effective.

Sometimes you may need a little more of a spiritual inspiration as well as monetary inspiration and the app has also taken this into account. If you swipe left on the screen from your main page you’ll be able to access motivational quotes and advice to help you remain strong in your efforts to quit smoking. Of course, your ultimate success will always be up to you, but this app is a great way to keep you focused and on track.

I have always been a little bit of a competitive individual and that’s why I was happy to see that they also have a rankings page. This is a page where you can measure your success against other users of the app, or get further inspiration by seeing how well others have done in their efforts.

One other feature that deserves mentioning is a feature that tracks how much of the carbon monoxide created by your smoking habit has been eliminated from your body since you quit smoking. The app asserts that all carbon monoxide should be eliminated from your body within 48 hours and it provides you with a handy tracking tool over the first two days so you can watch your progress as your body eliminates the carbon monoxide from your system.

Pros and Cons


  • Soothing user interface with great color scheme
  • Uses your profile information to create tracking data
  • Provides you with an updated report on how much money you’ve saved since quitting
  • Also includes a progress report for the elimination of carbon monoxide
  • Includes a ranking system against other users


  • Includes in-app purchase

Stop Smoking With This App

Quitting smoking is never an easy process, but it’s definitely worthwhile and it’s nice to know there’s an app like I Don’t Smoke that can help you get there. I’m fortunate to have never started smoking, but I do have some family members that do and I’m going to suggest this app to them. It has a ton of great features to help you track the financial as well as spiritual benefits from quitting smoking.

I Don’t Smoke — free way to quit smoking

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