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Sports Follower app review: the latest news and scores for your favorite sports teams



If you’re an avid sports fan then you likely have your favorite teams and you follow them religiously – the same can be said for millions of other people across North America. While there’s a ton of information available to you online if you want to follow your favorite team it can be a little frustrating finding the best sources of news and information. Twitter is a great tool for tracking the most up-to-date information, but it’s easy for information on your favorite sports teams to get lost in your general feed. Sports Follower is an app that lets you easily access the latest news and information on your favorite teams through various different Twitter feeds and other sources. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Sports Follower - Live Scores, News, Videos, and Latest Social Media


Travelmooch Inc.

Sports Follower was created by a small development firm called Travelmooch Inc. and it’s not their only offering in the App Store. In fact, the first app that they released was actually called Travelmooch and it was billed as a social network for travelers. It’s a fun and highly interactive app and well worth a look as well if you’re into traveling.

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Travelmooch Inc. is a small company with only three employees based out of the Los Angeles, California, area. The company’s CEO is Scott Tamura and other team members include Nam Nguyen and Patrick Curtis. They began operations in 2014 and have tried to remain focused on areas of interest to all team members, which is probably why they’ve only released two apps so far.

One other interesting fact about the company is that they also have a Sports Follower blog. It will be interesting to see how this blog develops – at the moment it’s still relatively new with only a couple of articles. On the blog you’ll also find some links to Twitter posts that they’ve released.

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Follow Your Favorite Teams

There are all kinds of sports news and information apps in the App Store and there are plenty of good ones, but Sports Follower does have some unique tools that you will not find in other apps. Because the app uses Twitter as its main source of information most of the articles are quite up to date and highly informative. It's not exclusively Twitter based though, as it does have other articles as well as links to YouTube videos so there's a variety of choice. However, the app also comes with some disadvantages. If you are looking for certain news regarding a specific geographical location (for example Nordics), you may not be able to find much of a relevant information. Typically, the updates supplied by the Norwegian betting sites and various local sport news outlets will be much more recent and relevant.

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What I really liked about this app was that the user interface is nice and friendly and features large fonts – which is great for someone like me that doesn’t have the greatest eyesight. There are no ads, or in-app purchases to slow you down either. Best of all, it seems to work completely glitch free with very little lag between the time you actually tap on an article to view it and the article opening up. This app will require 27.4 MB of available space on your iOS device.

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Sports Follower - Live Scores, News, Videos, and Latest Social Media


The Anatomy of the App

The first time you run the app you’ll have to search through its database to find the teams you’d like to follow. You can follow teams from all of the major North American sports leagues and to find your team you simply type its name in their search bar on the main page. Once you’ve selected all of your teams, they will appear in a feed on the main screen. In that main feed you’ll also see the time and date of your teams next game.

To access great news articles, scores, and statistics on your teams all you have to do is tap on the team's name in your main feed. This will then open up a main information page for that team which includes quite a few different options. One feature that really stood out for me in this app is that there’s a constantly scrolling ticker at the top of the screen that shows you the most recent game score for your team as well as letting you know when the next game will be. At the bottom of your screen you’ll also notice a scoreboard – this is a real time scoreboard that updates when a game is in progress.

The main information page is actually a Twitter feed that features the latest posts on your favorite team. At the top of the screen is a menu bar that will allow you to toggle between different functions other than the Twitter feed. There’s also a main news page which features articles from some of the most reputable sports news sources – there are some great articles in this section.

The app also features two other sections and the first of these is a schedule and map section which shows you all of the upcoming games for your team, provides you with the latest stats on your team, includes a link to the standings for their league, and also includes some handy roster information as well. There’s a great deal of information here and for the sports enthusiasts out there you really will enjoy this section of the app.

The last section of the app is a link to your team's Instagram account. Here you’ll find the latest pictures from the team as well as its players. You can certainly access this feed on your own Instagram account. However, it’s just convenient to have everything all in one app like this.

The Anatomy of the App image

Pros and Cons


  • Uses Twitter and Instagram for source material
  • Also includes new stories from major news outlets
  • Allows you to follow teams from all the major North American sports
  • Finding your team is easy using their simple search bar
  • Includes an up-to-date sports ticker for your teams


  • None

Our Final Thoughts

Sports Follower is a great app for following your favorite North American sports teams. It features the latest news stories as well as up-to-date scores and schedules. I really liked the sports ticker as well as the current scoreboard feature. If you’re an avid sports fan like me then you’ll enjoy this app.

Sports Follower - Live Scores, News, Videos, and Latest Social Media

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