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LiquidText - PDF and Document Reader app review 2021



It seems like new apps are popping up all the time and it can be really hard to keep on top of the releases and find those worth mentioning. The LiquidText app is one that has been created for your iPad and allows you to read documents and PDFs on your mobile device.

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Unlike many other apps that offer similar functionality, this one has so much behind it that it has now won a number of awards including the coveted "Most Innovative App" award in 2015, awarded by the Apple App Store.

This is just one of many awards though, not to mention the fact it has been recognized in all kinds of publications such as Brooks Review, Macworld, TechCrunch, and more.

Now, here is what makes this iPhone texting app even more productive. Thanks to the tools and features offered, you will be able to perform tasks easier through the texting app than if you had the actual document in paper form sitting in front of you.

So let’s take a closer look at this good texting app for iPhone and iPad through our LiquidText app review

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LiquidText: PDF and Document Reading & Annotation


Better than Paper

It's hard to imagine a digital copy of your document being even better and easier to read than the paper version, but that's exactly the case thanks to the LiquidText app.

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The developer, LiquidText, Inc., states that "LiquidText gives users a personalized reading experience, ideal for comprehensive reading, through intuitive interactions that allow the user to compare sections by squeezing a document, pull out key passages, organize ideas, find context, and more."

"LiquidText strives to enhance the way people comprehend and interact with information by utilizing today's technology to its full potential,” continues the developer.

Judging by the numerous awards and recognitions this app is receiving, it seems as though the developers got their formula right.

Besides the “Most Innovative App” award it also got one of Mashable's Ten Best iPad Apps, was named "Best App of September" in 2015 by the App Store, TIME magazine named it one of the Ten Best apps for iPad Pro, and TechnoLawyer called it One of the Top Ten Products in 2015.

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Examining the Features

With so many awards, recognitions, and mentions it’s only natural that your expectations are heightened with this app. The great news is that LiquidText not only delivers, but goes above and beyond providing you with tools and features you may not have even realized you needed or wanted. Because the focus is on productivity, you are given just about every tool you could possibly need.

Let's start with the basics. First and foremost, this app is about giving you the ability to read and annotate your various documents. It supports PowerPoint, Word, and PDF documents, which are of course the most popular ones.

In order to access your files you can get them from email, Box, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and other options. You can even import content straight from a webpage if you want. It’s all about versatility with this app.

Being able to make annotations in the text is a big thing for many people. Thanks to this app you can make notes, make excerpts, comments, add images, and even highlight text. As an added feature when you make your notes or comments you can do so on more than one selection all at the same time.

Think what a huge timesaver this can be. When you are working with excerpts you can pull them out of the text and then organize all the sections you've pulled out. If you ever want to find where the excerpt came from just tap on it, this will also show you the comments.

Moving through the pages can be cumbersome in some apps, but not with LiquidText. Here you can just scroll through the pages with ease and speed. This means you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

While many times the notes and comments you're making on your documents is for your own use, sometimes it's for others to see. For that reason it's important to be able to share your documents. Content can be exported as RTF or PDF, you can send them to cloud storage, or by an email. You can send the full document or highlighted sections only, notes only, etc.

The cornerstones of the app are to allow you to think, communicate, and build with ease. The features built into the app make all of these concepts not only possible but simple to achieve. It's easy to see how this would be helpful in the business world as you share documents with co-workers and clients, and also for students when it comes to projects and assignments.

In fact, browsing through the various customer comments it seems students have not only embraced the app but are absolutely raving about what a difference it makes in their studies.

Examining the Features image

LiquidText: PDF and Document Reading & Annotation


Pros and Cons


  • The app is user-friendly
  • View PDF, PowerPoint, and Word documents through the app
  • The app is loaded with tools and features to help you perform various tasks
  • Make annotations with ease
  • Move through the document with ease by scrolling through the pages
  • The app can be used in landscape or portrait mode
  • Access files from email, cloud storage, or take text directly from a webpage
  • Share your files with or without the annotations


  • None

Pros and Cons image

The Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a way to access your PDF, PowerPoint, and Word documents in a way that also gives you the ability to make annotations, then look no further than the LiquidText app for your iPad.

The impressive array of features and tools makes this one a real winner and is versatile enough to be used by students and professionals alike. Let’s not forget that the app is user-friendly and modern. It’s sure to become a go-to app in your arsenal of productivity tools.

LiquidText: PDF and Document Reading & Annotation

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