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Kahoots app review: become a networking and sales pro



Some apps are built for fun, some are built to help with productivity, while others are created to help you learn. The Kahoots App for your iPhone is one that can be termed a productivity and learning tool as this one helps you to become the networking sales professional you've always hoped to be. This app is loaded with user-friendly tools that customers have been wanting and needing in order to become more productive than ever before.Through this app you'll be able to keep track of business cards and then connect with all your clients, friends, and family in a simple and well-organized manner.

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The goal of Kahoots is to replace a number of other apps so instead of having to switch between them all, you can do everything in one place, which of course is what productivity is all about. So let's delve deeper into this multi-layered option.

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Kahoots App


A Whole New Design

Thanks to the introduction of iOS 9, the developers of the Kahoots App, Liquid Commerce Inc who are based out of Chicago, were able to use it as an opportunity to change up the design, feel, and features in the app. The result is something that is modern, sleek, and very much what users are looking for.The app was designs for mobile professionals such as freelancers, sales professionals, independent contractors, consultants, real estate agents, and real estate agents. Basically it’s meant for anyone that requires a sales and networking set-up, but who doesn’t want to pay a fortune for software.

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“Kahoots App is "The Follow-up App" - Scan business cards, set a follow-up reminder, and connect with your contact. Never miss another opportunity to follow-up," explains the developer.“We believe that your contacts are your most valuable assets. Nurture your contacts to build great professional relationships.”

The developers elaborated on their concept and why they felt Kahoots was necessary in the first place. “Founded with a belief that relationships are the true measure of success, yet, as technology becomes more pervasive, technology itself actually increases the distance between relationships.We believe that relationships matter, so we built the world’s most intelligent contact app. Network without more social networking.”

The developers have broken down a process that can usually be time-consuming, disorganized, and a hassle, and made it simple and quick. You simply take a photo of a contact's business card, immediately set up the follow-up reminder, and then you can connect with them through email/text/phone.

“The mobile CRM is totally broken. It’s complex, expensive, and designed to benefit businesses and manage advanced stage relationships,” said the founder and CEO, Nick Petit. “Today’s sales professionals still primarily rely on the contacts in their phone and these relationships need discipline and follow-up to be developed into great relationships.”

Originally launched in 2014, this app is all about bettering your follow-up with clients and customers. It's not the goal of the app to completely replace the CRM apps system, rather it enhances how you use it.

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Examining the Features

While it's interesting to take a look at how the app came about and the goals it set out to achieve, customers are of course curious about how it works for them - what's in it for them.The main feature of this app is the fact you can use it to snap a picture of a contact's business card. Just line it up on the screen and take the shot. You'll capture all the key details and then the app uses its ORC (optical recognition technology) to gather all the contact information. There is no need to actually type in the details yourself. This means important contact data takes mere seconds.

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You've then got the option of being able to set up a follow up reminder for the contact. Choose from such intervals as half hour from now, tonight, tomorrow, in seven days, in 30 days, you pick a customized time, or you can choose not to set a follow up reminder. It’s always a good idea to set up this reminder as soon as you enter the card so you don’t have a chance to forget.

Essentially, these reminders then become your own customized call list that you have available to you at all times.Contacting them is simple as you can choose to email them, text them, or call them, whatever you prefer. And because you'll be given a reminder there is no change of forgetting and jeopardizing your relationship with that client.

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Kahoots App


Additional Benefits

There are some additional benefits built into this app including the fact that you have the peace of mind knowing all the data is securely encrypted.You can create your very own personalized groups of contacts to help you manage your data easier, and there is a group messaging feature that can prove to be very helpful.

The one downfall is that this one is only available on your iPhone, but chances are that's the device you use the most anyway. 

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Pros and Cons


  • The app is able to replace four productivity-based apps
  • The app is modern, sleek, and user-friendly
  • Snap a picture of a business card to automatically import the details
  • Create groups of contacts
  • Create follow-up reminders
  • Contact clients straight from the app by email, text, or by phone


  • None

Pros and Cons image

Get in Kahoots With This App

As far as the final verdict goes for the Kahoots app for your iPhone, this is a reasonably priced app that is able to perform a number of functions in one offering. It’s easy to learn, quick to use, and it’s clear that it can help you where productivity and contacting clients is concerned. Think of this as a great companion tool in your job. If your career requries you to deal with business contacts, sales, and networking, then this is one app you should seriously consider downloading today. 

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Kahoots App

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