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Orgit app review: An unlimited private sharing app for friends and family



In a world dominated by technology, we’ve become accustomed to quickly taking photos on our smart phones and sharing them with the world, but there are times where you’d like to share photos with just your close-knit group such as friends and family. Unfortunately for some, Facebook or Instagram aren’t really the answers. You can adjust privacy settings in these apps, but there’s always a way around things and you’re never quite sure about your security when sharing photos using these services. There are other apps that promise to help you keep your photo collections private and shared only with a small knit group, but for the most part these are highly disappointing.

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Recently, I came across an app that allows you to easily share all of your photos and videos with your closest family and friends without having to worry about unwanted prying eyes. For an app like this to be truly useful it has to be easy to use, full of great options, and without major limitations on uploads – this app has all of these things and more. Best of all, it’s a free app that’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

All of your albums in one convenient place
All of your albums in one convenient place



Create an Album

Creating a full album is quick and easy with this user-friendly app. All you have to do is tap on the plus icon in the top right corner, enter a name for your album, choose the source from where you want to upload pictures from and Orgit will create an album for you in a matter of about 30 seconds. Albums are then saved in your album list, which is neatly organized in a list that you can scroll through with a cover page selected from one of your photos that the app selects for you. It really is very user friendly and very appealing to the eye.

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What really struck me was the ease with which you can import photos from any major source including: your camera roll, directly from your camera, Facebook, and Instagram. There is a limit of 20 photos per single upload. So, if you have hundreds of uploads, you can only upload 20 at a time. 

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Invite Only and Password Protection

Perhaps, the feature I found most attractive about this app was the ability to control who can see your photos and whether or not they can actually add photos themselves. Apps such as Facebook do allow you some control over your privacy, but they don’t make it easy to figure out how to do this. The beauty of Orgit is that they make this choice completely yours and you can change your settings at any time by simply tapping on the settings icon in the top right-hand corner of any album. You can choose to let your friends add photos and invite others to the albums,  or you can turn off one or both of these features as it suits you.

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As a further safety feature you can actually add a passcode to the app which makes it even more difficult for people you don’t want to access your photos to get into them. I think there are a lot of people out there that are a little leery sharing their favorite photos on Facebook and Instagram that would be impressed with the level of security available within this app. I’d even go as far as to say this app has the potential to change the opinions of some people on sharing photos and videos on the web.

Choose which setting is best for your album
Choose which setting is best for your album



Social Media Features

Another thing that I think a lot of people will find appealing is the fact that it has some features you’ll find in all of the major social media apps today. You and your friends can leave comments on your photos and you can even like a photo. Essentially, this app becomes your own private social media for close friends and family – I don’t think it’s going to replace Facebook or Instagram, but it’s has the potential to become a nice complementary app that people can use alongside these apps.

The developers of Orgit were determined to create a user friendly way of sharing photos and videos from an event in a secure and fun environment. There’s little doubt in my mind that they’ve achieved this goal and more.

Order Prints

As an added bonus, there’s even an option to order prints of your photos from within the app. You simply tap on the order prints icon in any album, then tap on the photos you want to order prints of and a dialogue box will open up giving you various options for the types of prints you can choose from. You can order phone cases, greeting cards, prints, photo books, and even covers for your iPad. I was actually amazed by the number of options here and the whole process is simple and quick.

Order prints of your photos
Order prints of your photos

Pros and Cons


  • Quickly and easily create albums
  • Add photos from multiple sources including: Instagram, Facebook, and your camera roll
  • Photo access is invite only
  • Add a passcode for extra security
  • Includes social media features
  • You can order prints from within the app


  • Only upload 20 images at a time

The Perfect Private Photo Sharing Solution

I’ve spent years unsuccessfully searching for an app like this. And just when I had given up all hope, Orgit comes into my life. It’s great to share our photos and videos with all of our Facebook family and friends, but there are times where sharing with everyone simply isn’t appropriate or necessary. That’s where this app steps in and it does a great job of making the whole process simple and private. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you download this app and give it a try.


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