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Mezi app review: streamline your travel planning experience



Planning is supposed to be fun (for me) but I am the adventurous kind who enjoys meandering when I'm on holiday. This means that making travel plans is incredibly time-consuming and complicated. I have to go to various travel sites to research the locations worth visiting, book trips to multiple cities, and get my accommodation sorted out at every stop. This can prove to be a rather cumbersome process which also becomes a little stressful.

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So when I found out about Mezi, I was eager to give it a go. The app claims to be a 24/7 concierge which utilizes AI, Travel Genome, as well as experts who will facilitate all travel booking, rescheduling, and cancellations. This unique combination of methodologies made the service truly feel like there was an expert travel agent available for me.

I also learned that the app has been featured in TIME magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and Travel+Leisure. Surely it was worth checking out, especially since it is completely free to download and takes up a mere 62 MB of space.

Mezi - Your Travel Assistant


Interface and Design

This was hands down one of the best experiences I have had booking my holiday. The interface is that of a text messaging service or chatbot, which allows users to interact with the app as though they are texting with their travel agent. I was sceptical about how a chat bot would present the options over text, but I soon found that each of the items on the itinerary are visualised in the chat window.

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It makes the entire process much smoother than opening a dozen tabs with various categories of information just for a single leg of the trip. With this app, I was able to confirm the itinerary for a complex 4-leg trip within a few minutes. How efficient!

One-Stop Shop

Not only does this app let me book the usual flights, hotels, and train tickets like most other travel apps, but this one also includes the ability to buy event or concert tickets and reserve a table at a restaurant. For a micromanager like me, I was delighted to see the level of detail which is possible to plan out a trip.

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Aside from the usual vacation or work trip, this app also has options for non-conventional options such as road trips or camping.

International flights usually require a ton of details, but with this app, they can be booked easily by entering passport information at the checkout, so I was not bogged down by these details while planning out the trip.

Mezi - Your Travel Assistant


Convenient payment options

Additionally, the payment gateway is also included in the app, so I was not directed to a third party website in order to complete the transaction. Every single item was paid for in one go.

My payment information could be set up within the app and used each time I need to carry out a transaction. This is one of the biggest advantages, in my opinion, as going to third party websites and entering my card details for each of them has always been my least favorite part of booking a holiday.

Organizes your itinerary

Some may think that planning out a trip to the last level of detail like this leaves little room for spontaneity, but I personally feel that having a schedule like this ensures I have the vacation I want to have. Those who don't wish to avail all the services, need not do so. Only your flights or hotels can be booked if you so desire. The entire itinerary will be provided for review prior to making the purchase.

Furthermore, itineraries can also be changed on the go as users decide they want to spontaneously branch off to another tourist spot, another hotel, or even another town. Simply open up the app and tell your personal 24/7 concierge what you would like to change. 

Deep Learning AI

It turns out that every time users interact with the app, the AI seems to adapt to the user's preferences and requirements. So, the more time I spent exploring various options, and telling the chatbot what I was looking for, the easier it became to get the kind of results I wanted.

For instance, if I wanted to look for a flight from LA to NY, I could simply text the app, and it would present me with the three best options - the best value, lowest price, and preferred airline ticket. Other parameters can also be chosen depending on the kind of traveler you are (and the money you are willing and able to spend!) The app also features tags such as "refundable" so you know all the important details.

This makes it easy to book anything from your next camping adventure to your big international conference that you would attend for work purposes.

Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface with a chatbot
  • Plan out your entire itinerary from start to finish
  • Built-in payment gateway with the ability to save payment methods
  • Deep Learning AI improves with every interaction


  • None

None Streamlines your travel planning experience

I’m deeply impressed and relieved to have found Mezi. It’s about time someone came up with an app like this to help people streamline their travel planning experience. It truly felt like I had a personal concierge at my service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most importantly, I saved so much time and energy that would be spent on admin-type tasks such as making multiple payments on multiple websites. Having everything under one app as well as being able to view every little detail of my upcoming vacation was also highly rewarding. The ability to be spontaneous and make amendments is probably going to be very useful as I tend to have a much more open mind and heart when I travel. I would suggest all travellers to check out this app, whether they jet off to a new location each week, or they are going on their first solo vacation.

Mezi - Your Travel Assistant

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