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UBMe app review: become a social butterfly



Connecting with new people has many benefits. It can help you network with the right people to get your startup off the ground. You can find the perfect study group for your most difficult subjects at university. You could potentially meet the love of your life. Or perhaps you are a Dungeons and Dragons aficionado who has moved to a new town and is looking for other players. Finding the right people, finding your tribe, is what life is all about.

Whether you are at a concert and want to connect to other fans, or on a college campus and want to meet new people, this app has got your social needs covered. The main purpose of this app is to give you a networking platform that will satisfy the most extraverted of people, and get the introverts out of their shells. It works using the GPS-based technology of iOS device, to help you find people near you that are interested in the same things.



Meet real people

The social media networking age is here and more than ever, we are tied to our phones. It's replacing human contact. Even though we might use apps to stay in touch with people around the world, or connect with those who live far away from us, few apps give users a chance to connect with people whom we will actually meet face to face. As the developers like to put it: "life is about real moments with real people" and this is a sentiment I think we can all get on board with.

Sign up in seconds

UBMe is a free app which is fairly lightweight at 58.7 MB. Though as with apps like this one which are media-heavy, it may take up more space as you browse more photos and videos of people around you, so make sure to clear out the cache data once in a while.

You know an app is going to be good when it requires minimal steps to sign up. It is clear that developers are thinking about the user experience, not just within the app, but the barrier to entry too. All we have to do is input our name, a desired username, and an email address or phone number. There is a reason behind each bit of personal information you provide, and the developers explain this clearly in a way that makes sense.



Shared Interests

Next, you are asked to provide a few hashtags that show your interests. There are some preset interests such as food, music, and movies. Other interests from the in-app list include nightlife, traveling, UFC, science, and many more. Users also have the ability to add their own custom interests that others may be able to search for and find.

Fill this out, enable location access, and you're all set to begin networking in more than 100 million locations around the world, that include college campuses, concerts, conferences, and more. 

Easy To Use Interface

As with other apps, this one features a News feed-like interface that the developers have called a  "Stream." This is nice to look at, and can be filtered by users in various ways. You can choose to filter by location to see posts near you, or see posts by friends and those you are following. You can also pick out your #interests if you’re in the mood to discover a specific event or hobby. Finally, all moments, from all the streams combined can also be viewed. These filtering options are great and you can really make the app your own.

New posts are called “moments”. Users can create a new moment with details such as location, photos, videos, and #interest. There is also a 200 character text box to further furnish your moment with details. These moments can be sent to friends, to specific contacts, or to users around you who may not even be on your friends list. 

Create and Attend Events

The events tab lets you take a look at all the events in your area at a glance. Users can also use a map view to check out what's happening near their location. Furthermore, there's the option of creating public events - which will be discoverable by others, or private events - which are invitation only.

Diverse Functionalities

An app like this one has endless applications. Businesses can create private chats and events. Businesses can reach all users in their area instead of the ones that are following them on Facebook, thus expanding their customer base. With the algorithm changes on Facebook, we know that despite liking your page, potential customers are not very likely to see your posts. This is a much better way to reach out to potential clients.

From a more personal and social perspective, users will be able to meet up with people who are going for music festivals, socialize on college campuses, or attend hobby classes together. It’s a much better way to meet people socially as you will already have found someone with a common interest and you can go out and do an activity together, making it that much easier to have a nice outing with people.

Pros and Cons


  • Connects you with real people
  • Location-based connections
  • Great interface
  • Ability to sort stream/newsfeed by various parameters
  • Variety of applications
  • Free to download and use


  • Only UBMe users can be reached through it, so it will take some time to be able to gather a large enough user base to fulfill all its functions.

Become a Social Butterfly

UBMe is a wonderful app with a great idea, and fantastic execution too. It’s very well thought out to ensure a great user experience and diverse functionality. I really hope it gains momentum so that the user base expands and covers more people and more cities around the world. 


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