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Corner Hit app review: a simple, easy and fun little game


How many times have you sat in on a presentation or seminar where the television screen had that famous bouncing logo on the screen as the screen saver?


How many times have you sat in on a presentation or seminar where the television screen had that famous bouncing logo on the screen as the screen saver?

People can't help but watch the logo as it moves around the screen and never quite seems to hit the corner.

For fans of the popular US television series, The Office, you may remember the opening scene in season 4, episode five titled "Launch Party" where they did just that.

Michael was busy holding a meeting while all the employees were busy looking over his shoulder and waiting for the DVD logo on the monitor to hit the corner. When it finally did happen there was a huge cheer and celebration.

If you can relate to that whole scenario and would love to see just how often that DVD logo hits the corner then the Corner Hit app is for you.

Corner Hit



It’s Quite Simple

There are plenty of apps out there that have page-long instructions and storylines and while that is all fine, sometimes it’s just not what you need or are in the mood for. If you want something light, fun and simple Corner Hit is the app for you.

There’s no backstory, no special features, no confusing buttons and controls to master, everything is straightforward and approachable even for gaming newbies.

The goal is to get as many corner hits as you possibly can, that's it.

Choose Your Monitor

To get the game started you begin by choosing your monitor, as there are a few different ones available. You'll see everything from classic televisions and PCs to tablets, laptops and even projector screens.

You may find that you do better with one particular type over another. Go ahead and try them all so you can discover your favorite.

Corner Hit



Features in the Game

In terms of the features, there aren't many to mention. There is a pause button which can be handy if you're in the middle of a game and suddenly need to step away. There’s also the hide logo feature and you can restart any time.

The bar at the top of the screen will keep track of how many corner hits you get so you’re never left guessing.

Because the features are so basic, this one is a crowd-pleaser for adults and kids. There is nothing too mature here, so if you’re looking for a way to keep the kids momentarily entertained – this could be it.


Play It Across All Devices

Another feature worth mentioning is the fact this one can be played across all your various devices - iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone and even your Mac. You just need to have iOS 11.0 or later for it to be compatible.

Pros and Cons


  • The game is extremely simple to understand
  • The features are basic but fun
  • All ages can play
  • The app can be used across all devices


  • Not really for advanced gamers

It Could Be Your New Favorite Past-Time

If you’re looking for a way to kill a little time and like the idea of being entertained, the Corner Hit app may be able to deliver just that for you and your kiddos. It’s simple, yet fun!

Corner Hit

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