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myMojis App Review



Are you the type who loves being able to use emojis to express yourself?

Now, ask yourself if it ever gets annoying, time-consuming and even confusing to scroll through all your emojis to find that "perfect" one.

That is exactly the person that the myMojis app has been designed for. This app works as an extra keyboard of emojis that makes it possible to better organize your library of emojis, which can be pretty extensive.



Take Advantage of the Organization Capabilities

At its core, the myMojis app is all about giving you a way to better organize and categorize all your favorite and well-used emojis. This one features an extra keyboard that gives you the ability to create groups and categories to store your emojis in.

Not only can you create these groups but then you can use line breaks so you can keep them separated, giving that additional layer of functionality. If you're used to having to scroll through page after page of emojis just to find the one you want, then you know how annoying that can be.

This is all about quick, convenient and simple access. It’s one of those apps where you’re not exactly sure how useful it will be, and then you download it and wonder how you got by without it.


Plenty of Customization Features

Then there is the fact this app allows for customization features such as viewing it in landscape or portrait mode, whichever suits you best. This will alter how many emojis you can view on the screen at once.

Other features you can customize in the layout are:

  • TopBar
  • TapBar
  • Keyboard details
  • Clipboard paste button
  • Emoji size
  • Preview

The deeper you dig into this app, the more features and tools become apparent. As for the categories, these can include such options as quick, very quick, smilies, people, places, things and clothes, symbols, weather and sports, food and animal and events.

A few additional tools and features worth checking out include the ability to change colors for such things as the keyboard, bar background, bar and accent



Take Advantage of a Free Trial

The way this app works is that new users can download it and then use it free for five days. During the free trial period, you'll have the full functionality of the app-enabled so you get a true sense of what it does and how it can transform your emoji storage and organization.

Once the trial ends several emojis will then be locked and require in-app purchases to access


Pros and Cons


  • The app is extremely easy to use thanks to the additional keyboard
  • Users can make their categories and groups
  • There are plenty of customization tools to make use of
  • The free trial period unlocks full functionality for users to try it out


  • Once the five-day free trial ends many emojis will be locked

Use Your Emojis in a Seamless Manner

At the end of the day, the myMojis app is all about giving people the tools they need to use and store emojis more seamlessly and conveniently.


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