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Blessed: Pregnancy Meditation App Review



For women preparing to give birth, it is a very exciting time, but there can also be a lot of stress and anxiety about the actual childbirth process. The fear of the pain that accompanies childbirth can create a lot of stress in the months leading up to the due date.

This is where the Blessed: Pregnancy Meditation app can play an important role and help to lessen pain and fear through hypnobirthing programs and techniques.

Blessed: Pregnancy Meditation


How Can the App Help You?

Confused as to what "hypnobirthing" is and what program and techniques the app delivers?

There are five different programs contained in the app that uses hypnosis meant to relax the mind and body.

Each program uses a combination of breathing and imagery to create a sense of relaxation, confidence and a positive mindset that can then help you to get through the child birthing experience.

The idea is that you can start to manage your pain and fear through these techniques, which may even mean you don't need pain medication.


Don't Wait Until Delivery to Use the App

You aren't due yet, not to worry, as this app is meant to be used in the months and weeks leading up to childbirth. So, whether you're in your first, second or third trimester it's not too early or too late to get started with it.

The more you listen to the programs, the more you will learn the techniques and master them so that by the time delivery happens, you will be a pro and the exercises will come naturally to you.

Blessed: Pregnancy Meditation


Go Ahead and Track Your Progress

To help keep you motivated and inspired you can even track your progress. The app will show your total minutes spent on the techniques and the total amount of sessions you have completed.

For those who are having trouble sleeping, a common issue during pregnancy, the Sleep Soundly program can prove especially useful. This program teaches deep sleep meditation, which can be useful even after giving birth.


A Subscription May Be Necessary

Finally, it's important to point out that this app has a subscription. You can opt for the three days, one week, or one month trial. A subscription provides unlimited features and may just be what you need for a peaceful and calm pregnancy.

Pros and Cons


  • The app provides a variety of meditation programs
  • Techniques you learn can be useful during childbirth and after
  • The app is easy to use and follow
  • The app tracks your progress to help keep you motivated
  • The app is free to download


  • Some users don’t like subscriptions

Can Really Help Your Anxiety During Pregnancy

This app is a great option for those feeling nervous and stressed about giving birth. Chances are it’s not going to solve all your fears and anxiety, but it can really help to make you feel a bit more prepared and in control. The less stress and anxiety, the more comfortable your pregnancy will be.

Blessed: Pregnancy Meditation

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