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Downloads Lite for iPad app review: a full-featured download manager 2021



Downloads Lite app for downloads, by Hian Zin Jong, gives you access to a full featured download manager so that you're always organized and in control of your files.

With this music downloading app you'll be able to easily and quickly download your files from the Internet to your iPad and then manage them and keep them organized. You can play and view the files on your iPad and even transfer them to your desktop if you like.

Keep reading our Downloads lie app review to see if it's one of the best iPad apps for downloads. 

Files HD - File Manager


More Details

Features of the app include a look and feel similar to Safari, the ability to use unlimited tabs, and a bookmark manager. You can open a link or a new tab by tapping and holding it, view your history, and make use of the auto-complete feature on the address bar.

Additional features include an integrated Yahoo! and Google search, form-base and HTTP basic authentication, and the ability to spoof browser's user-agent string. This is to allow you to display web pages such as Firefox.

As for the downloading speed it is incredibly impressive and you can do things like save pages with images for offline viewing, a live download progress bar, and you can download with a file name.

Also make use of the file manager, photo viewer, Dropbox integration, audio player, file sharing, video playback, background audio, and a passcode lock.

This multi-function full-featured app is a great tool to use on your iPad. I found download speeds to be very fast and keeping your files organized was a breeze.

Files HD - File Manager


Files HD - File Manager

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