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(Sample) Size Matters app review: join the world of smartphone scientists


(Sample) Size Matters

Price: Free

(Sample) Size Matters by Duke Center for Behavioral Economics is an education app that is compiling information that will be used to take a close look at the many different aspects of human behavior. Perhaps this is your field of interest or maybe like many people out there, human behavior and the reasons behind it is something that intrigues you, which makes this app ideal for you. The app works by collecting data from you, a regular user, who can answer all kinds of questions that will shine light on human behavior. Users from around the world are encouraged to take part in this intriguing compilation of data. The data is meant to show how changes in cultures, regions, age, gender, and over time impact human behavior.

The app, which is available in English, was released on May 28, 2013.


User Experience
Using the app is very simple with a clean and neat interface so that you can easily move through the questions. The way the app works is that you will first need to set up an account, then follow the instructions and wait for your first "mission." Each mission has a time limit on it, so you will need to complete it within a specified amount of time. As an added incentive to the user you'll receive points for each experiment you take part in. The goal of the experiment is to look at the behavioral differences and similarities in people located around the world.


With this app you will actually be labeled a Smartphone Scientist because all the data you provide will be used for real studies that will help social scientists better understand human behavior. In this app you'll be asked to give your valued opinion in all kinds of areas and subjects. Your "missions" are always changing and may include you speaking to friends and contacts to collect data on a certain topic, having a conversation with a total stranger and recording the details of it, and even predicting the outcome of a particular experiment. You just never know what you'll be doing from day to day.


Personal Comments by Reviewer
This is a really unique and very interesting concept for an app. It’s great to know you’re actually taking part in a study that will help scientists better understand human behavior and then use this knowledge in positive ways. You feel as though you’re actively contributing to science simply by completing these missions. As for the missions, they are easy yet fun and of course the goal is to be honest and real in the experiments so you report realistic results.



  • This is a feel-good app where you feel as though you're adding something positive to science, knowledge, and society
  • Your missions are always new and changing keeping this app fresh feeling
  • The user interface has been kept simple, clean, and easy-to-use
  • The missions are actually quite intriguing and fun and you'll find you want to keep taking part in them
  • The app feels different and innovative because it’s not your typical game, puzzle, or entertainment-based one


  • It would be cool to track the results so you could see first-hand what your data is helping to determine
  • It may sometimes be hard to complete your missions in the time allotted
  • You may feel like doing missions more often than new ones are assigned to you


For: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad with iOS 6.1 or later. (Sample) Size Matters is optimized for iPhone 5.

(Sample) Size Matters


(Sample) Size Matters


(Sample) Size Matters

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