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British Airways app review: manage your flight schedule and access Executive Club member benefits 2021



Currently departing from Gate 11 is this very fine iPhone app for booking flights from British Airways which is a must-have resource for any frequent flyer who wants to have easy access to important flight information all in one convenient place.

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Despite previous versions of this booking flightsapp being a little temperamental, the latest update has introduced fully-fledged boarding pass integration with Passbook along with some great general improvements. 

So even if you’re only flying with British Airways just once or twice, this is a nice way of getting hold of your mobile boarding pass. 

Keep reading our British Airways app review to learn more about this good iPhone app for booking flights.

British Airways


A Flight above the Rest

If you frequently travel with British Airways or you’re just a little curious as to what they offer, this app is great for getting detailed information on available flights. You can actually book flights indirectly through this app via the airlines mobile website, which I thought was a nice added touch.

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Another perk of this app is that you can, of course, filter your searches to find the cheapest flights available within a given time period, and maybe catch a few bargains that you might not ordinarily see on the usual flight comparison sites.

The high flyers amongst you, who regularly find yourselves observing the emergency exits, fastening your seat belt, and putting your seat into the upright position will love the way you can manage your upcoming flights: this app provides you with information like check-in and departure times, gate numbers from London Heathrow Terminal 5, and even access to your mobile boarding pass.

This is perfect for those of you with a busy flight schedule who need a quick at-a-glance view of your upcoming trips.

A Flight above the Rest image

What’s more, Executive Club members can check their transaction history and balance through this app, and Silver and Gold members are given access to the British Airways lounge Wi-Fi password.

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This is well worth having if you use British Airways a lot and you can join for free on their website, plus, you’ll have access to loads of updates and important British Airways information from their Twitter and Facebook feeds.


British Airways


Pros and Cons


  • Manage your flight schedule and access vital information such as check-in and departure times
  • Search for and book British Airways flights from within the app
  • Access exclusive Executive Club member benefits
  • Access your mobile boarding pass for use with Passbook


  • Passbook integration appears to be a little patchy in terms of Executive Club membership cards and other British Airways bonus schemes for frequent flyers

Pros and Cons image

A Smooth Landing

I’m not a big customer of British Airways, I mean I’ve flown long-haul with them twice before and I was very impressed with the onboard service and the quality of the flight experience in general, but I don’t imagine myself having an immediate need for this app.

Having said that, using this app has been a real pleasure and it’s good to see a great brand living up to its reputation with an app that, despite some hiccups in previous versions, has begun to shine through with some awesome features and even better benefits for Executive Club members.

I have to admit, using the British Airways app has made me think I might spend a little extra on my next vacation to get this quality service.

So, I think I’ll cut this review short and take a look at what flights they’ve got on discount; I’ll see you onboard! For now, this has to be one of the best flight apps on the market among the world's major carriers. 

British Airways

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