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DIVE Magazine app review: the world’s biggest and best diving related magazine 2021



DIVE Magazine by Implere is another one of these News Stand diving apps. I completely expected that I would have to fork out at least a few bucks for one of the issues of their magazines, but I was very surprised that their current issue is absolutely free! And the good thing is, this is not a deal.

This is actually what they do! When a new issue arrives in this iPhone app for divers, it’s 100% free instead of paying the $6.00 you would pay in a shop.

If you would like to purchase previous magazines in this diving magazine app, you can subscribe for $13.99 or you can buy individual issues for $3.99.

Check out our DIVE magazine app review for more details and see why some users say it's one of the best diving apps for iPhone. 

DIVE Magazine


A clever way to present a digital magazine

There are two ways to read this magazine. In Text View, you simply get the text and relevant photos per article, which is the best way to read a digital magazine. In Page View, you get to see the magazine as it is in store, including ads.

The magazine is still absolutely readable, but with all the backgrounds, colors and other diversions, I would suggest everyone just to read this magazine in Text View.

More apps should also take an example from this, as it’s so much nicer to read plain text and some photos then trying to make up what the text says due to an annoying background.

A clever way to present a digital magazine image

A beautiful magazine with amazing photography

Dive Magazine has been around for 15 years and it shows. They know exactly what they are talking about and what their target audience wants to read about. In addition to this, they have some amazing photos of everything diving related and do really good reviews on all kinds of diving products.

Also, this is not just a magazine for the recreational diver. A lot of articles and information will be completely new for the professional diver, like articles about how a underwater bomb squad is trained or different areas of the world and the marine wildlife found there.

The magazine itself is designed with a lot of thought and never gets boring to look at. The two ways of reading the magazine make it accessible for everyone. You can even add comments to articles to share your thoughts with other readers!

A beautiful magazine with amazing photography image

DIVE Magazine


Pros and Cons


  • Two ways to read the magazine diving app
  • It’s FREE!
  • Loads of cool information and great articles
  • Amazing photographs
  • Commenting on articles


  • Previous issues are still paid for..

Pros and Cons image


More of these News Stand magazines should follow the strategy Dive Magazine has taken. Make every new issue free, but pay for all the previous ones is a great way to attract new readers.

The two different ways to read the magazine are genius and should be picked up by everyone. On top of this you get great articles, beautiful photos and handy reviews. This app is definitely recommended for all divers out there!

DIVE Magazine

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