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Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD app review: get stuck in interesting court cases and find the culprit!



In Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD by Capcom you step into the shoes of Phoenix Wright, a rookie attorney-at-law. This game is a compilation of three games previously released on the Nintendo DS and has been optimised for both iPhone and iPad. You get the first two court cases for free. If you then enjoy the game, and believe me you will,  you can buy the others separately for $5.99 or $6.99, or buy the complete set of 14 different cases for $16.99.

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD


Investigate and Think Clearly to Win Cases

As Phoenix Wright, you get to investigate the crime scene and then take the case to court. In the court room you get to cross-examine witnesses and suspects to the crimes committed. There is a lot of text in the game, but regrettably there is no voice acting, which can make the game a tad tedious, but the gameplay completely makes up for that.

As soon as you get into court you will be reading carefully and using evidence to prove suspects wrong and pick out lies from their confessions. The story is really well-written and the characters you meet are witty, funny, and have a lot of depth. During your case you can accuse the defendant and object to what your opposing lawyer has to say. This often leads to hilarious confrontations.


Beautiful Art Design and Clever Courtroom Puzzles

You can see this game has been created in Japan. With a distinct graphical style, the game looks beautiful, especially with the Retina graphics. The different settings you go through are all designed to perfection and never bore you. When in the courtroom you need to have your wits with you as you will need to think logically to prove people wrong and not make any false accusations.

Each and every case has a certain perfect way of solving it, but luckily there is some flexibility in the solutions. You never have to follow a perfect path as multiple paths lead to the truth. The game can be a bit slow at times due to the large amount of dialog.


Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD


Pros and Cons


  • Hilarious humor
  • Stunning Retina graphics
  • Well-written story



  • No voice acting
  • Sometimes a bit slow



Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD is definitely one of those games that suck you in and won’t let you out until you’ve finished it. For a price of $16,99 you will get not just one of the games but all three games out of the trilogy! The game is rated 12+ and is perfect for all ages above that. Although the game can sometimes be a bit slow, as soon as you’ve won your first case you won’t be able to put your device down, as you will want to know what crazy cases will come next! This is one of the best games out there.

Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD

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