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What’s This Address? app review: know where you are at any moment in time



What’s This Address by Bryan Saltzman is an app that uses map data and your GPS location to pinpoint exactly at what address you are currently located. This can be absolutely handy when you’re calling a cab or when the house number of your location is hard to find. Regrettably, the app only covers the address you currently are at, and not an address you want to know about. The app uses the Maps app from your device to pinpoint your location, which is also a let-down for some people who prefer Google Maps.This app luckily has no ads, otherwise it would be a complete waste of space.

What's This Address?


Gesture-Based Controls That Don’t Work

On the App Store page of this app, the developer claims it uses a few different gesture-based controls to help you navigate the app. For example, when you click three times (I am still finding out how to click on an iPad, so I think they just mean tap) a pin is supposed to drop on the map, showing that address. This could be an amazing option, if it worked, and this is only one example of a gesture-based feature that doesn’t work. Anything related to dropping pins on the map is simply not working, and believe me, I’ve tried. It would be so much easier if they just add a button to the menu called “Drop Pin.”


Accurate Readings and Sharing Options

I’m sure that this app will work perfectly when you’re in a big city or well-mapped out area, and the App Store reviews mimic that statement. Currently I’m not that lucky, so the app simply tells me that I’m in Mexico. Funnily enough it does get my exact location, but the Maps app from Apple simply isn’t as good as Google Maps when it comes to this.

The only way of sharing your location the app supports is via email. It would be so much better if there were other ways to share your location, as the app would be a lot more useful if it was more like FourSquare or if you could check in to location like with Facebook. 


What's This Address?


Pros and Cons


  • Works great in big cities and well-mapped out areas
  • No advertisements



  • Uses Apple Maps
  • Very limited sharing options
  • Not accurate in rural areas
  • Gesture-based controls don’t work



If someone would ask me if they should get this app, the answer would simply be no. This app does nothing that Google Maps doesn’t do, uses map data that is inferior, and most of the features it boasts on the App Store page don’t work. That said, the app is very small, taking up only 1.8 MB, and is compatible with both iPad and iPhone. Only if you’re really strapped for space on your device should you choose this app over Google Maps. 


What's This Address?

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