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Locator365 app review: keep your loved ones safe with the GPS personal tracker



If you ever find yourself worrying frantically about your friends or family while they’re out and about, Locator365 is the ideal app for helping to keep a track on their current whereabouts. With GPS and Google Maps fully integrated, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing exactly where your loved ones are.

When I first started using this app I kept thinking that it was just a glorified version of Google Maps, but there is some definite application for keeping tabs on your family.

By installing Locator365 on the device you want to track you’ll be able to know the location of that device, which is absolutely perfect for logging purposes if someone should go missing.

Locator365 – Remote Mobile Tracking, Routing Record. Prevent Missing Persons


Keeping Tabs on Mom

If you’re anything like me you’ll probably get a great deal of reassurance out of this app. Whenever my mother goes away on vacation, I can never quite relax because I know how clumsy and absent-minded she can be (sorry, Mom!) and although this probably sounds silly, I spend the whole time on edge.

I know that simply being able to track someone’s iPhone isn’t going to ensure their safety, but it definitely provides a step in the right direction. Considering how easy Locator365 is to use, I would strongly recommend putting it on your loved one’s mobile devices so you can monitor where they are.


Contact the Emergency Services In-App

As well as seeing where a device currently is, you can also use the Location Query and Date Query features to view historical records of every location the device was logged at, including the time and date, and a pin on the map.

In the event of an emergency, you can use the Emergency Help feature to very quickly call emergency services, send a text message, or try and catch someone over the Internet via Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, or email.


Locator365 – Remote Mobile Tracking, Routing Record. Prevent Missing Persons


Pros and Cons


  • See where a device is currently located as well as viewing historical records of where it has been and when it was there
  • Integration with Google Maps offers high-quality map imagery
  • Contact the emergency services from within the app
  • Download Locator365 Monitor for remote monitoring
  • Password protection



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

I’m very glad I found this app, and with it working in tandem with 365Locator Monitor, I’ve got more or less all the peace of mind I’m going to get without actually following people around like a stalker!

I personally think that the price of this app is a little steep but for those of you to whom this kind of tool is a necessity, it’s well worth the money.

So many people go missing each year, never to be seen again, and if these people only had an iPhone with this app installed we would be able to see their last recorded location.

Imagine how many more missing people would be found if this were the case!

Locator365 – Remote Mobile Tracking, Routing Record. Prevent Missing Persons

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