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Deadline Hollywood News app review: providing you with all the headlines 2021



The Deadline Hollywood News iPhone Hollywood app will provide you with all the current and most up-to-date headlines so you don’t find yourself having to search the Internet.

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Not only can you scroll through the posts, but you can also check out the various channels with additional headlines through this good Hollywood app for iPhone users. 

For more details about the features and functions of this Hollywood app, check out our Deadline Hollywood News app review below.

Deadline Hollywood News


A Go-To News Source

You’ll find a variety of stories here in a mix of current, trending, or breaking news. Everything that involves the entertainment industry is covered so you are always in the know. Read about upcoming movies, deals that have been struck, where you favorite actor is planning to appear next, and so much more.

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The Channels tab is especially fun and takes you into categorized news channels with additional coverage. Read about breaking news, TV, film, awards, box office, festivals and more. When you tap on any of the options you’ll be directed to a whole other collection of news stories.

During awards show season you can use this app to read in-depth information about the nominees.

A Go-To News Source image

Interactive Features

Of course the app also contains podcasts and video trailers because what would an entertainment app be without interactive content? The app even encourages users to send in tips for the news team to investigate.

While there are plenty features and the content is quite good the user interface is a major letdown. It is extremely basic, which can work in some cases but not here. It just feels like the developer could have done so much more to make this a much more engaging and fun app to use.

Some of the stories found here I would have to search really hard to find elsewhere, so it’s a shame that with such great coverage, the looks of the app are so disappointing.

I also found it a bit frustrating to have to scroll through such a long list of stories in order to find items that caught my interest. Perhaps they could have been divided into sub-categories or just some way of making it easy to search and browse through.

When reading the content there is the ability to change the font size and share the story by email, Twitter, or Facebook. At least that feels current and engaging.

Most of the stories do have photos with them, which I didn’t find to be of the best quality. Many were so small or grainy that they seemed rather useless.

Interactive Features image

Deadline Hollywood News


Pros and Cons


  • Complete coverage of the entertainment industry
  • The ability to watch video trailers and podcasts


  • Not very user-friendly
  • Picture quality isn’t great
  • Can be cumbersome to scroll through all the stories

Pros and Cons image

Final Verdict

So of course the final question is, would I recommend this one? I really wanted to like it, as I am a total sucker for all things entertainment related; however, Deadline Hollywood News just left me unimpressed and wanting to move on to the next app.

I think there are so many better options out there that are more engaging, better laid-out, and more current feeling.

Deadline Hollywood News

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