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Ski Park app review: build a successful ski resort and find hidden objects



This game is an interesting amalgamation of two rather different genres of games, tasking you with designing and constructing a ski resort while at the same time scouting around to find hidden objects and identify mystery visitors to your snow-capped Mecca.

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I’m very impressed with the amount of thought and detail that has gone into every aspect of this game.

From the moment you first start playing you’ll be in the capable hands of Anna who will teach you all about the basic gameplay mechanics. From there, you’ll have to go it alone and do everything you can to bring the once-prosperous ski resort back from the brink of closure!

Ski Park: Build Resort and Find Objects!


Build a Super Ski Resort

There is so much to see and do in this game that I’m genuinely not too sure where to start!

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As I mentioned in the introduction, a character called Anna will greet you when you first enter the resort. She’ll talk you through the basics such as building your first chalet, outfitting a maid, and attracting more visitors to your resort.

You can earn gold coins and experience points by performing tasks such as creating buildings, and there is an additional in-game currency in the form of snowflakes which you can use to speed up the construction of buildings instead of waiting around.

Building your first small hotel will introduce the concept of specialists who must be hired in order for your projects to function. You can hire specialists by acquiring the tools they need to perform their duties, so for example, a hotel requires a maid who will need an apron, feather duster, and so on.


Who are the Mystery Visitors?

Bear in mind it isn’t just cold stone buildings you can create. You can also scatter plants and trees in your resort to make your visitors happier so that they stay longer, spend more money, and are more likely to come back in the future.

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I really like the way events are introduced. These are like quests which require you to perform tasks such as building certain objects in order to earn rewards. Events also serve as a great way of learning the various features of Ski Park by trying them out first hand.

As you get further into the game and you level up your ski resort, you’ll notice that mystery visitors start to show up. This adds a deeper element to Ski Park which I think is an awesome idea because it goes beyond the simplicity of being a Sim City clone and actually brings something new to the genre to keep things interesting.


Ski Park: Build Resort and Find Objects!


Pros and Cons


  • Build your very own ski resort exactly how you want it
  • Meet Anna who will teach you how to play
  • Complete events to earn rewards and learn even more elements of gameplay
  • Identify mystery visitors to your resort
  • Upgrade buildings, plants, trees, and more to keep your guests happy
  • Immense amounts of detail



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Final Words

I doubt I’ve covered everything in this review simply because of the sheer amount of content in Ski Park.

Although this genre of game isn’t usually the kind that would appeal to me, I’ve been finding this game quite compelling and I would definitely urge you to try it out. Coming from someone who usually can’t stand city simulators or strategy games, this is a huge compliment!

Ski Park is a slick, polished, and thoroughly well-featured game that has definitely earned a strong recommendation from me.


Ski Park: Build Resort and Find Objects!

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