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Burpple - Social Food Guide app review: find cafes and restaurants, and recommend dishes to other users 2021



The foodies amongst you are going to absolutely love this app as it enables you to connect with other food lovers from around the world in a social networking format.

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This finding restaurants app offers features such as posting shots of your favorite dishes, recommending meals to your friends, and much more.

Being one heck of a food enthusiast myself, I was eager to write a review for Burpple because I can totally imagine it being a keeper of an app for local restaurants.

I was definitely not mistaken! Burpple seems to have borrowed some of the best elements from Facebook and Twitter, and the developer has added generous helpings of its own magic to revolutionize the way we share mouthwatering food porn with one another!

Keep reading our Burpple app review for more details on this iPhone app for restaurants.

Burpple - Find Good Food & Restaurants To Enjoy


Om Nom Nom Nom!

Straight away, this app struck a positive chord with me in that it allows for quick and easy registration by using your Facebook account, and things only got better from there.

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The first thing you’ll see after registering is a Facebook-esque news feed.

The posts you’ll see will be sole from the developer as you’ll need to start following other users to mix things up a bit.

You can do this by either inviting your Facebook friends, or by following some Tastemakers. These are described as being passionate foodies, and they all have some incredible food journals with tons of photos for you to drool over!

Om Nom Nom Nom! image

Foodism Meets Social Networking

Following others and gaining followers works similarly to Twitter, but you can also submit content that will show up in your Timeline, so there’s a great mixture of social media elements to really get the most out of the concept of Burpple.

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You can also add your favorite food venues to your Wishlist, so this is another great way of spreading the word about cafes and restaurants you just couldn’t live without.

One feature I really love is the way you can organize your posts into Boxes which essentially provide you with a way of categorizing different food types.

You could, for example, create Boxes for cultural cuisines such as Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and so on, or you could create Boxes for categories such as Vegetarian, Desserts, Home-Cooked Meals, and anything else you can think of.

Foodism Meets Social Networking image

Burpple - Find Good Food & Restaurants To Enjoy


Pros and Cons


  • Connect with your fellow foodies in a social networking format
  • Gain followers by sharing your culinary memories
  • Endless amounts of high-quality content
  • Recommend cafes and restaurants by adding them to your Wishlist
  • Easy registration via Facebook


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

My favorite thing about Burpple is simply the way in which it provides an arena for people who are nuts about food to connect and share inspiring culinary ideas.

There are a lot of apps that have attempted to combine foodism - yes, I just invented that word - but Burpple definitely seems to be a cut above the rest!

Burpple - Find Good Food & Restaurants To Enjoy

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