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Air Canada app review: find flights, book flights, check in, and much more 2021



This is the official app for the prestigious airline, Air Canada, providing you with a whole host of expertly developed features so that you can book and check in to your flights, as well as accessing Air Canada’s Rouge, Vacations, and Cargo services all from within a single iPhone booking flights app.

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The first time I flew to Montreal I used Air Canada and it was easily the best flight I’ve been on, so I can definitely vouch for its quality as an air carrier.

This app seems to follow along a similar vein in that there are loads of great features which all run very smoothly and are all presented in a very attractive interface, making for a great user-experience. For a major airline this is one of the best booking flights apps for the iPhone.

Keep reading our Air Canada app review for more details about this booking flights app.

Air Canada


Come Fly With Me

Coming from the land of poutine, maple syrup, and ridiculous amounts of snow (in the winter, of course) is this fantastic four-in-one app which features everything you need to book and manage flights, book vacation packages, track your cargo, and even access exclusive in-flight entertainment while in the air.

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Using the primary Air Canada section of this app, you can input departure and arrival destinations, flight numbers, or booking reference numbers to find exactly the flight you’re looking for. You can also use the Check-in feature to save a lot of time at the airport, so I’d definitely recommend checking that out too.

Air Canada rouge features the unique “player” which you can use to connect to the wireless network on Air Canada rouge flights to stream movies, TV shows, and music to your iPhone.

I don’t know about you but I think that’s an incredibly cool feature, and I wish I knew about that when I flew Air Canada a few years ago!

Come Fly With Me image

Come Fly, Let's Fly Away

Air Canada Vacations is another great section of this app which enables you to browse vacation package deals which include flights, accommodation, and in the case of All Inclusive deals, some quantity of food and drinks throughout the duration of your stay.

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There are loads of ways in which you can narrow down your searches in the Vacations section so I’d definitely check it out. There is also a Deals section which features Deals of the day, so you’ll want to keep a keen eye on that to catch any bargains which might surface.

Finally, the Air Canada Cargo section enables you to enter your air waybill number to track the status of any cargo you currently have in transit. You can also view cargo schedules by inputting the location of origin and intended destination.

Come Fly, Let

Air Canada


Pros and Cons


  • Find and book Air Canada flights
  • Check in from within the app
  • Passbook electronic boarding passes supported
  • Browse and book vacation packages
  • Access exclusive in-flight entertainment from your iPhone on Air Canada rouge flights
  • Track your cargo with Air Canada Cargo


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Air Canada, at least in my experience, is a great airline, and has clearly done an awesome job at developing an app which encompasses their various services effectively. This is a brilliant app and it definitely receives a strong recommendation from me!

Air Canada

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