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The Jungle Book app review: bringing the story to life



Free for a limited time only, The Jungle Book app allows kids to experience this fabulous tale any place and any time. The classic tale is shared with kids in a fun and interactive way so that they can feel as though they are part of the story themselves.

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The Jungle Book - Story reading for Kids


A New Twist on an Old Tale

This is of course the classic tale of Mowgli and his incredible adventures in the Indian jungle. Written by Rudyard Kipling, it is a tale that has been told over and over again throughout the generations. This app breathes life back into the story by giving it a modern feel and look, something that is necessary in order for it to stay in keeping with the times.

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Unfortunately I am not having a very good experience with this app as it seems to crash pretty often. It crashes in different places each time but it is frustrating nonetheless.

As for the content the story itself is nothing new, but its delivery and look feel completely fresh and modern. The graphics are plenty of fun, there are great sound effects, and the narrator does a great job of making the story seem interesting and engaging. Each page features narration from the book and then is accompanied by sound effects. The book is animated so as the narrator is speaking there is often movement and sounds happening on the screen.


All That and More

The story is 12 pages in length with interactive features on each page. All of the characters still resemble their original look but again feel more modern and fresh.

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The book is available in German and English. The app itself was designed to be kid-friendly, which it definitely is. Kids can use it on their own and enjoy the story without any help from mom or dad. There is also the fact that at the core of this interactive, fun, and cute story are a number of great morals that are discussed and touched upon. It gives parents a great way to talk about these issues in a fun and engaging way.

As a free book I think it’s well worth the download; however, I’m not sure I’d want to pay for this one. Granted it’s cute and fun but it would need to have additional content and features in order to merit paying anything for it.


The Jungle Book - Story reading for Kids


Pros and Cons


  • Kid-friendly design
  • Professional sounding narration
  • A fun and modern take on the story
  • Plenty of animations and interactions on all 12 pages



  • I find it hard to justify paying for this app as the content isn’t worth a price tag


Final Words

If you can catch The Jungle Book app on sale, such as it is for a limited time, then it’s worth the download. It’s a cute interactive book with a focus on some very real and important morals and values to discuss with kids. It feels fresh and fun; it's just not long enough or impressive enough to have to pay for.



The Jungle Book - Story reading for Kids

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