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365Scores app review: get all your sports tidbits in one spot 2021



Why comb the entire Internet looking for sports news, stats, results, and scores when you can find it all in one spot with the 365Scores app for live scores?

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With this live sports app, you'll be able to select all your favorite leagues and teams so you can, in essence, make a sports channel that is all your own. That’s right, you get a sports scores alerts app with a customized sports channel that caters to all your interests. 

Keep reading our app review to see how 365Scores measures up against other football score apps for iPhone and iPad users. 

365Scores - Live Scores


Get Your Information in One Spot

Use this app to get all your information in one quick shot, which means the news, standings, scores, highlights, and even tweets.

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And let’s not forget this information is only for the teams and leagues you have built into your own channel. There is no wading through the information you’re not interested in thereby wasting your time.

Now you might be feeling a bit worried that your particular league, sport, team isn't going to be found here; well think again, because there is information on literally thousands of sports from all around the world. The chances of you finding what it is you’re interested in are pretty darn high.

Another feature that should be mentioned is the push notifications you can get; you receive some of the fastest push notifications out there that include real time updates from your customized teams and leagues.

Get Your Information in One Spot image

User-Friendly Features

Launch the app the first time and select all your favorite teams and leagues. This is done by giving them a star by tapping on them. After you select your favorites they are stored and you’ll start receiving customized information.

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View alerts and videos in real time, sports new, scores, and more. In fact you'll be able to view video of a goal five minutes after it happened. View additional team details like the lineups, live match statistics, and the highlights.

If you happen to be in a sports pool/fantasy league you can set the app up so that it delivers important information that is specific to that pool. You will know the information almost as it happens so you can make all the best moves and trades and ensure you sit on top in your pool.

The app itself is very simple to use thanks to the sleek user interface. It’s modern, gives you just the right amount of features, and delivers on its purpose.

User-Friendly Features image

365Scores - Live Scores


Pros and Cons


  • Very user-friendly
  • Customize the app so that you receive information on specific leagues and teams
  • View statistics, scores, standings, highlights, and more
  • Use it to view real time information
  • sports streaming app for video highlights


  • Meant for hardcore sports fans due to the fact there is an overwhelming amount of information

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The 365Scores app is meant for a specific target audience and in that sense I think it comes through with flying colors. It delivers what sports enthusiasts want and in a real-time basis, which makes the app feel useful and fun. Even the user interface is impressive here leaving a great feeling overall.

365Scores - Live Scores

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