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69 Positions Lite app review: get great Kamasutra sex positions-2021



Sex helps to make life more enjoyable and exciting. 69 Positions app is developed by Shovelmate to provide couples with gold worthy information on various sex styles that they can try out. 

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This exotic sex positions app has helpful descriptions for every position. Save and share your favorite positions with the help of this sex games app. Its default languages include Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, English, French, and German.

Since its release into App Store, it has generated over 7,000,000 downloads from all across the globe. It's one of the top Kamasutra sex apps available.

69 Positions - Sex Positions


Spice Up Your Love Life with Kamasutra Sex Positions

69 Positions Lite is an amazing application that is tailored to provide hundreds of different sex positions that you can try out tonight. In fact, the premium version has over 113 different positions. Each position has an easy-to-understand illustration to ensure that you get it right the first time.

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The positions are categories in seven different categories namely Oral, Exotic, Butterfly variations, Rear Entry, Face to Face, Oral, and Threesome.

You just need to tap on any of these categories to choose a style that best suits your moods and sexual needs. To get the best results from this app, it is recommendable to try out different positions every day.

The developers have also worked smart to come up with a very good interface that is easy to use and optimized to give users immeasurable illustrations of the various positions. Recent upgrades include dark mode, support for latest iOS, bug fixes and more.

There is also an optional passcode lock that you can use to use secure the app especially if your kids play games on your phone. You can also check off completed positions. 

Best Features of 69 Positions Lite iTunes App

One of the features that make 69 Positions Lite application unique is the incredible threesome positions. Check them out to learn how you can enjoy a perfect pleasure moment with two of your friends.

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It is also possible to send suggestions and feedbacks on various styles to the support team while still within the app. However, you will need an Internet connection to do this.

If you do not want to keep scrolling the entire database, you can try shaking your iPhone or iPad to get a random position. You can also go step further and save some of the positions in your favorite list for future reference.

Unlike other apps that tend to encourage users to keep the sex information secret and hidden from the public, this one allows you to share positions that you find intriguing through Twitter or email. Again, your device needs to be connected to the Internet to access this feature.

The app comes with a number of high-definition images that describe each position in a very straightforward manner. This way, you will not need to seek any assistance to know how to apply the various techniques.

Because it`s one of that sex apps that have streamlined, easy-to-use interface. And one the useful feature in these sex game apps that you can send feedback/suggestions within the app.

Best Features of 69 Positions Lite iTunes App image

69 Positions - Sex Positions


Pros and Cons


  • Wide variety of sex positions
  • Illustrations to ensure that you never go wrong
  • Very intuitive interface
  • Ability to share the positions with friends on Twitter


  • The app does on offer any video illustrations

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

69 Positions Lite is a must-have app for couples who want to take their sex life and relationship a notch higher. It is easy to use and the positions are great. 

69 Positions - Sex Positions

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