Don't be a scrooge this year for Christmas. Get into the holiday spirit by checking out our list of the best iPhone apps to put you in the Christmas spirit.     


Blabber Box – Christmas

Price: $1.99 

Sometimes when we are having a very bad day, it's really hard for us to be in the holiday spirit. If you are having a hard time being jolly during the holiday season then let this app help you out. Just select from 4 different Christmas characters and record your voice to make one hilarious cartoon.     


oChristmas Tree 

Price: Free

One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit, is by decorating a Christmas tree. This app allows you to decorate your own Christmas tree any way you want. You will enjoy the silly sound effects that accompany your decorating fun. Select from 65 different ornaments. However, if you decide to change an ornament because you don't like the look anymore, just toss it and listen to it break.     


History of American Christmas and Its Traditions 

Price: $0.99

Another way to entertain yourself this holiday season is to educate yourself with the history of Christmas and its many different traditions. Discover why we put Christmas trees in our house or what the star on top of a tree symbolizes. You can also learn about the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe and many more.     



Christmas Music ~ 10,000 FREE Christmas Songs! 

Price: Free

Christmas isn’t Christmas without the wonderful holiday music. Listen to more than ten thousand fresh and pleasing Christmas songs while cooking, decorating or just sitting on the couch by the fireplace. Christmas music will surely put you in the holiday spirit, especially when the music is free.     



Cookies for Santa  

Price: $0.99 

Sometimes naughty kids get on your nerves and take you out of that Christmas spirit. Distract them with this fun little app where they can make Santa some delicious cookies so he can eat them after putting their presents under the tree. They can even write Santa a little thank you note with it.