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SHOCK: Women's Fitness Workout

SHOCK gives women a new way to get fit, tone up, and build muscle. Push it to the limit, crush your fitness goals, and feel unstoppable!

Spkr. Download from Appstore

Spkr is an always on audio network that simplifies listening. The best content - organized, curated and delivered to you with easy-to-listen, live audio feeds. Stop wasting time looking, sit back and relax as Spkr does the work for you.

Addiction Download from Appstore

Addiction is a game about numbers, no advanced maths involved. A game that is asking you to use your brain to create numbers that are bigger and bigger. Slide the numbers to merge them together.

Cyan Ball Bounce Download from Appstore
Cyan Ball Bounce

Have you got what it takes to conquer this bouncing ball game? Cyan Ball Bounce is a hypercasual super addictive free ball game where the player has to hop tiles avoiding obstacles and get to the top.

Unify - Live Photo Editor Download from Appstore
Unify - Live Photo Editor

People blink. Smiles Fade. Create group pics everyone likes. Unify lets you choose the best parts of your Apple Live Photos to make pics that don't exist.

iPhone / iPad
iPhone / iPad