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Cyan Ball Bounce

Have you got what it takes to conquer this bouncing ball game? Cyan Ball Bounce is a hypercasual super addictive free ball game where the player has to hop tiles avoiding obstacles and get to the top.

Texidi Download from Appstore

Go on a journey through the Tech Galaxy and discover what IT is all about. What are programming languages? What is web development? What is mobile development? What is DevOps?

Uniword: try phonics keyboard! Download from Appstore
Uniword: try phonics keyboard!

Uniword: try phonics keyboard! Teaching reading tool for kids

Podcast Alarm Download from Appstore
Podcast Alarm

When the alarm blares you just want to make it stop, hit snooze as fast as possible and lay there until it blasts again. What if you actually enjoyed the sound of your alarm? Sure, you could pick your favourite song, and RUIN it forevermore!

Zen 8: Music for Stories Download from Appstore
Zen 8: Music for Stories

Cool app for the instagram fans. Add music to your videos easily.

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iPhone / iPad
iPhone / iPad