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With over one million apps in Apple's iTunes store, it's difficult for small developers to make a name for themselves. 
Apple retail workers were given permission today to pursue a class action lawsuit against Apple. 
If you haven’t checked it out yet, Apple Music offers a blend of innovative features along with as well as features that aren’t so great. 
Only one week after putting out iOS 8.4, Apple has now released iOS 8.4.1.
The iPod touch hasn’t been updated for almost three years, but all that is about to change.
Apple could possibly be on the verge of providing TV from four major networks.
Today was the first day of Apple’s Apple Pay in the United Kingdom, and the company ws obviously going for a seamless introduction.
Apple is all ready to put out a huge iPad called the iPad Plus or Pro, according to claims made by someone who supposedly has insider information.
Only two weeks after iOS 8.4 came out, as well as Apple Music, Apple has put out iTunes 12.2.1, an update to fix problems with the previous release.
Apple unveiled watchOS 2 at WWDC, and Apple Watch users were happy.
Considering the fact that Apple sells less than 20 percent of the smartphones on the market, it’s remarkable that the tech giant’s share of the profits for that...
Several former Apple Store employees are suing Apple for the time they had to spend in searches after shifts and meal breaks.
Yesterday, news came to light indicating that the Federal Trade Commission is speaking to “multiple concerned parties” to discuss if Apple’s 30 percent ta...
Sure, the newest version of iOS 8, iOS 8.4, has the new Apple Music service, but it also has the potential to make a mess of your iTunes library.  ...
Two new iPhones are expected to launch this September, likely called the 6s and 6s Plus.
Apple has added new emoji to its system, but they could tick off Chinese leaders. The emoji include the Taiwanese flag for the first time, which is a hu...
Apple’s stock went into its first five-day losing streak since the beginning of this year today, with investors worried about China’s economic health.
Spotify has offered a $3 per month savings for customers who to convert to a web-based subscription and avoid Apple’s App Store.
In a decision yesterday, a federal judge threw out a $532.9 million award against Apple and ordered a new trial on damages.
Slice Intelligence has said that sales for the Apple Watch have dropped since launch day, going from 1.3 million units on the day of launch down to under 2,500 on July 1.
Apparently there is an issue with iOS 8.4 that is considered pretty major.
We’ve been hearing for several months now that Apple is probably going to be putting out a larger iPad that some have been calling the iPad Pro.
For four months, a New York rapper who calls himself Prince Harvey showed up at Apple’s SoHo store, five days a week. 
People visiting iTunes 12.2 might have seen some images of what looks to be a new iPod, which has led to speculation that there will be some new iPods released later in 201...