If you are an aspiring fashion designer, or just like to keep up with the latest trends and styles, then check out our list of the best fashion designer apps for your iPhone.


BeVideo: Fashion Designer

Price: $2.99

What’s the best way of learning from the experts? Why, you only have to WATCH the experts, my dear. Detailing all of the necessary videos you need to be the fashion designer you’ve always wanted to be, you can even share notes with other designing newbies in the app’s built-in message boards.



Dress up: Fashion designer

Price: Free

Yes, it’s another fashion designer sim in the guise of a cutesy game! And really, what’s wrong with playing traditional dress-up anyway?





Style Studio : Fashion Designer

Price: $0.99

And speaking of designer sims, this is probably one of the best we have seen so far! This app literally lets you create your dream clothes with an array of threads and patterns which you can use for a shirt, jacket, skirt, pants, or whatever it is you have in mind! You don’t even need to buy an expensive sewing machine for that!



Abby's Dress Up-Fashion Designer

Price: $0.99

What’s the best template to start with a design? Should you go for a sexy or a cutesy look? Well, better get some ideas with this app! By simply selecting a “mood” template for your clothes, you can go wild in creating your dream designs without having to worry about how “daring” it would look to others.




Fashion designer:glamorous gowns

Price: Free

Of course, nothing screams “fashion designer” as much as designing a gown! The Prom may be over this year for some, but that doesn’t mean your creativity will have to be stifled along with the season! Thanks to this app, not only can you customize the dresses, but also how your female avatar’s hair, shoes, and even bag will look like!