Cookies are one of the most popular snacks or desserts in the world. If you love cookies, then check out our list of the best cookie apps for your iPhone. 


Christmas Cookies - Holiday Cookies Baked by Angels

Price: Free

Of course, what are the best seasons to bake cookies other than Christmas? And even then, Christmas cookies taste better than plain old regular cookies! At the very least, you can get a headstart by taking note of the luscious recipes detailed in this app!



Make Cookies with Mom - Interactive Children's Storybook - Let’s help mommy make cookies and this is how you do it (Pepa Series)

Price: $2.99

Mother-and-child teams are surely the best! And this app tells you why in this delightful interactive picture book where it teaches your child the value of helping and hard work! Plus, it basically gives your kids the license to get messy in the kitchen—and nothing delights a child more than playing with stuff!



More Cookies!

Price: $0.99

Bake cookies without the cost and, most importantly, the mess of doing so! This baking sim/app basically gives you the freedom to bake as many batches you want with as many crazy designs as you like! If Subway employees get to be called “sandwich artists”, then you get to be a cookie master with this app!



Bar Cookies

Price: Free

If you want to satisfy your cookie fix but without the accompanying guilt that goes along with it, then a bar cookie should do the trick! And thanks to this app, you can now finally make your own spin on the basic bar cookie by following these customizable recipes which separate the recipes into “apples”, “berries”, “lemon”, and so much more!



3D Cookies

Price: $0.99

Who says that fortune cookies only work inside a Chinese restaurant? This app proves otherwise by giving you one “advice” for the day! And the best part of it is that, like the real deal, you can rotate the cookie and “crack” it at any angle you want! Thank goodness for no crumbs!