If you are a fan of Winston Churchill, or just want to learn more about the man and his accomplishments, then check out our list of the best Winston Churchill apps for your iPad.


WWII Speeches - F.D.Roosevelt, W. Churchill (1939-1945) PRO

Price: $1.99

If there ever was a popular “dynamic duo” during the Second World War, it’s probably these two world leaders. And since both are of great minds, it only follows that many of 20th Century’s most famous speeches came from Churchill and Roosevelt! This app details 110 wartime speeches from both historical figures. 



Great Speeches

Price: $2.99

And speaking of “speeches”, here is another comprehensive list containing all those which signaled a pivot of something greater to come during the last century. So, you basically have the words of Martin Luther King, JFK, Lincoln, and many more along with the speeches of Churchill. If that’s  not bang for your buck, then we don’t know what is!



The Greatest List

Price: $0.99

Predictably, Churchill is on this list. But so is Mandela… and OPRAH, of all people! Why were they considered the “greatest”, then? Well, find out for yourself by downloading this app! 




MicroHeroes Advice

Price: $0.99

If there’s any way to ask one famous figure for advice, you’d do it in a heartbeat, wouldn’t you? Well, that’s what this app is for, thankfully! If you can’t be bothered to read all of the speeches and listen to all of the audiobooks of the man, then just “summon” him from your iOS device and ask him a question! 



Real Soldiers of Fortune

Price: Free

Churchill as a soldier of fortune? Why yes, he did have a remarkable military career before serving in the Parliamentary. And thanks to this app, you’ll get to learn more about his exploits and adventures in a very easy-to-read manner!