If you are an aspiring fashion designer, or just like to keep up with the latest trends and styles, then check out our list of the best fashion designer apps for your iPad.


Fashion Designer

Price: Free

Sure, it may be hard trying to be a fashion designer in real life, but at least this app does a good job of simulating the whole experience…. minus the backstabbing and the politics, of course! With s myriad ways to choose the kind of apparel you want your “model” to wear on the runway, let your glam dreams come true with this app!



Fashion designer:Holiday Dresses

Price: Free

Yes, you design girls in dresses which are suited for the Holidays despite Christmas being eight months away! So is there really anything wrong with that?





Fashion House: Catwalk Designer

Price: $2.99

This app should be notable if only for the fact that it takes on a Rock Band-like approach to fashion designing: your creation’s success at the runway can only be deemed by the reactions of the “audience” on the show! Hope you make it past your first design, though!




Aannie's Dress Up HD: be a Great Fashion Designer!

Price: Free

Touted as the app where you can “save” your creations, show ‘em off to your friends online and ask them what they think of it! But be forewarned, though; critics can be really harsh sometimes!