If you love playing pinochle, or want to learn more about this card game, then check out our list of the best pinochle apps for your iPhone and iPad. 



Price: $2.99

If you want to get a feel for the game without getting forced to lose money in the process, then this app should be a necessary download for you! By pitting you against 3 AI opponents who are determined by your skill level for this game, you get to learn real-life “tricks” without getting frustrated at how the computer whips your butt every session!



Pinochle score card

Price: $0.99

This app is a handy download for anyone playing pinochle but doesn’t want the hassle of listing down every meld made in the session! With a simple startup of the app’s functions, you can immediately use this for as long as the game lasts! 




Score keeper - the pinochle score keeper

Price: $0.99

This app is noteworthy in the fact that it already lists all presets for a single session of pinochle. That means that every score saved on the app is accurate to a point! Very useful, particularly for those intense gaming sessions!




LET'S PLAY! CARDS: simple rules to the world's 25 best card games

Price: $1.99

If you want to be a master at not just pinochle, but all manner of card games created in the history of cards, then this app should prove to be more than a worthy download for your buck! And best of all, this app teaches you basic card magic tricks which should make Davie Blaine look like a street amateur!



iScore HD

Price: $0.99

Who’s leading whom in a game? Well, as is always the best solution for brewing blood feuds like who’s got the most wins in pinochle, this scoring app should help you and your friends a great deal with its intuitive and quick-to-start interface!