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Supply Chain Metrics

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Supply chain efficiency tool

This app enables you to better analyse the efficiency of your business, from both the financial and SCM perspectives, by deriving useful metrics on the following areas of interest:

Financial view:
· Liquidity
· Profitability
· Operating Efficiency
· Solvency & Leverage

Supply chain management view:
· Agility costs
· Reliability
· Responsiveness
· Asset Management

Supply chain management, is the active management of supply chain activities to maximize
customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Supply chain activities cover everything from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics, as well as the information systems needed to coordinate these activities.

In order to successfully manage all the different aspects of operations, a successful manager today is required to monitor a wide array of metrics, not always readily available without root access to the database. This app aspires to cover the gap existing between raw data and useful information by providing managers a platform to easily view the company’s most important metrics in real-time at the reach of their hands.

The app operates as an interactive front end of viewing information generated from the company’s financial statements and its reported physical flows of goods. To achieve this it can accept data input from an external source (currently offered through Dropbox connectivity), as well as through direct user input for “what if” scenarios.

Available in English and Greek