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Doctor Dash™

iPhone / iPad
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Doctor Dash™ was inspired by the classic 1964 Milton Bradley game “Operation”, in which a player must perform a task without touching the sidewalls, or the attempt ends. The game was whimsical and engaging for a single player, but even more fun when multiple players attempted to outperform each other. Successful game-play required good hand-eye coordination, skill and dexterity - the same skills that are desirable in a surgeon.

With game-play optimized for handheld devices such as smart-phones and tablets, Doctor Dash™ keeps each of the above original “Operation” game concepts, but has some added some twists and turns. In Doctor Dash™ the goal is to get to your patient as quickly as possible while avoiding obstacles along the way. You will select your game character, then navigate through the corridors of a hospital to get to your patient, who is waiting for you. The faster you complete each level, the higher your score.

The game features both a “Training” mode and a “Competition” mode where you can challenge other players and work to obtain the lead position and recognition on the leaderboard.

In the “Training” mode, when you bump into a sidewall your device will vibrate and your score will be decreased, but you may continue through the corridor to the end of the level.

In the “Competition” mode, if you bump into a sidewall the level will restart. However, you will have unlimited attempts to complete each level. If you have the high score for that level, your score will be posted to the leaderboard.

A global leaderboard is maintained for all individuals playing in the Competition mode. Additional leaderboards are maintained for the Top 10 players achieving high scores in each level. If you have achieved the top score on a leaderboard level, you will be notified when another player displaces you from that leaderboard. You may then replay the level to attempt to regain your top position.

Registered players may send challenges to other people by directly entering their email address, mobile number (US only) or from a contact list (when available). Registered users also have the ability to block receipt of SMS challenges from other users.