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Savage Worlds LiveSheet

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The LiveSheet is the ultimate companion for the ultimate tabletop RPG, Savage Worlds!

The LiveSheet is more than just a digital character sheet: it's an interactive tool that ties into every aspect of your character. Track stats, manage experience, collect gear and attacks, level up your skills, and more. Want to make a roll? Just tap on the skill, and beautiful 3D dice will roll onscreen, fully animated with realistic physics and lighting. Plus, if you have wounds or hindrances or edges that should affect your roll, the LiveSheet automatically factors them into the result!

For game masters, the LiveSheet is the perfect tool for keeping your game fast-paced and fun. No more shuffling papers to keep track of all your enemies, now you can stat out every NPC as a fully playable character and switch between them in seconds. Plus, a streamlined organizational system guarantees that you'll never mix up characters, no matter how many games you're running.

Plus, players and GMs can customize your LiveSheet with a wide range of themes, and choose from dozens of gorgeous dice sets fitting any genre or setting!

Check out the LiveSheet today, and take your Savage Worlds game to the next level!

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