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Achievr - Daily Habits, Rituals & Goals

iPhone / iPad
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Want to get more done? Achieve a personal goal or get more results? Download Achievr now

Have you ever lovingly set-up a to-do or organization app, filled in all the details, set it up just right…and then... NEVER OPENED IT AGAIN?

This is us and it turns out there is a significant portion of the population that just forgets to go back to these apps (or Notebooks, or filing cabinets).

You and I are just not wired this way. We need something that is in our face, that we can’t avoid.

If this is you and you want to Double Your Productivity, This App Is For You. Download it while it is Free

Here is how it works:

Once you set up the app - YOU NEVER HAVE TO OPEN IT AGAIN!

You see, it’s designed to use the awesome new smart notifications feature in iOS.

Simply create your goal and then the app will take care of the rest.

In the morning it will remind you of what you need to do, and then later in the day, it will ask you: Did You Get It Done?

And the best part is... you don't even need to open the app! Simply respond by swiping on the notifications. This is even cooler if you have an Apple Watch!

The science tells us, when you are first trying to establish a ritual - you need reminders. Trouble is, we set them up in systems that are hidden and we have to remember to open or check!!

By the way...

There might be 15% of you reading this thinking: WHO ARE YOU! You can’t even use a to-do app! If this is you, Sorry, Achievr is not for you.

However, if you want to double your productivity and a faster way get more results. Achievr IS For You. Download it now while it is free

You can set up your own rituals or you can add one of our (totally free!!) ritual packs based on the daily rituals of famous High Achievers!

Keep everything in Sync across all your devices by creating a 100% FREE Achievr Account. That way, when you change, upgrade or... accidentally smash your devices into a thousand pieces (it happened to me... shame shame shame... ) you'll be able to restore everything and keep all your data in sync.

To all of you who love the idea of an app to remind you of key rituals but have never been able to get it to work…

Achievr is for you.

Download the App now for FREE and get started today.