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IAmI One Touch Authentication

iPhone / iPad
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IAmI Authentications INC. ("IAmI") presents an updated version of its ground-breaking Identity Access Management solution to iOS and also a new introduction to the OS2 (Apple Watch) platform. Users are now uniquely empowered to self-monitor, identify and prevent all cyber intrusion attacks and unauthorized access on their accounts and/or networks from occurring - all in realtime!

For the first time ever, users will be alerted of all attempted attack sessions involving their (stolen) username and password credentials and also be empowered to disable hackers from getting access. Not only will unauthorized access attacks be prevented, but data breaches can also be averted too.

IAmI's, easy to use, safe and unique, two-factor-authentication solution only operates through its proprietary "One Touch Authentication" responses via the IAmI app. In addition, IAmI is a white-label service, which means companies of all sizes can brand it as theirs and have their employees and/or customers use it each time they login. No One-Time-Passwords. No SMS text messages. No emails. Just one touch.

How Does IAmI Work?
Before users are granted access to their accounts or data, they will receive a push notification to their One Touch Authentication app, where they will be required to authenticate themselves first. If the login session is legitimate, users simply touch "Confirm" on the app and they will be granted access to their account or data. However, if there is an unauthorized access or hacking attempt involving their (stolen) login credentials, users will simply touch "Deny" on their app. This response will instantly terminate the login session, preventing any access to their account, private data or corporate data. If users do not respond within an allotted time, the authentication request on the app will time out, resulting in access denial to their account or information.

IAmI - It's that safe, it's that simple...