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Ecological Pyramid

  • Education
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Ecological Pyramid K12 app helps children to understand the ecosystem of the earth. For better understanding of children, the food chain is explained using animation. This app also includes the explanation for Food Chain process and their hierarchy and the pyramid of numbers.


Theory - Explains in detail about Ecological Pyramid and its Food chain process.
Procedure - Get to travel through the Ecosystem.
Food chain - This K12 app explains children visually about the food chain which starts with the primary producers like plants, trees and then proceed through primary consumers - herbivores , further to omnivores, then continues till carnivores using animation.
Ecological pyramid - Provides an interactive level for children to assess their level of understanding about Food chain Hierarchy.

Download the Ecological Pyramid app and other K12 education apps published by Ajax Media Tech and make your children shine in science. Unlike a static or video based education model, which is non-interactive, K12 simulator apps are fully interactive and developed based on adaptive learning.