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Bridgemate App

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The Bridgemate® app is a personal add-on to the existing Bridgemate Pro or Bridgemate II scoring system for bridge clubs. It enables players during or directly after the bridge game to review their scores, rankings and competitors’ scores for the boards that they have just played. It also offers an interactive analysis tool to provide educative feedback on your play. Clubs that use the Bridgemate scoring system can upload the Bridgemate scores and other data during their event from the Bridgemate Control Software, and this information is displayed in real time in the app on the player’s smartphone.

The Bridgemate app offers an extensive range of information for players:

- A guide card for the current event. Find out who your opponents will be during the event.
- Your personal scorecard. This is updated in real time, and the results are updated as soon as new scores come in.
- Current rankings are displayed for the section in which you’re playing.
- An overview of your competitors’ scores can be displayed for each board played.
- If hand records are available, they are displayed in the app along with makeable contract information.
- An interactive analysis of the boards you’ve just played. For each possible card you could have played, the app tells you how this would have affected your board result.

The Bridgemate app is an individual service for players who participate in bridge games that use the Bridgemate scoring system. In order to use the Bridgemate app in a bridge game, the organiser of the game (i.e. the bridge club) is required to create a club account on the Bridgemate website and upload the event data in real time via the Bridgemate Control Software. Clubs control which information is visible in the app during the game. Before using this app, consult with your bridge club about whether it uploads data in this way.