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30love Tennis

iPhone / iPad
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Tennis App that works on Apple Watch (with extended functionality on iPhone & iPad) ! The app supports the counting during a tennis match and allows the definition of new adversary players that you are going to play a tennis match against. It truly simplifies tennis-match counting and makes it a pleasurable experience ! You no longer have to think about what the score currently is - you simply tip on your Apple Watch (or iPhone/iPad) and make the app count for you ! Moreover, the app allows multi games with different adversary-players easily switchable - all game-data stored including match-time for a smooth transition between games. Continue at the exact score you left at. Therefore, this app suits especially well for tennis teachers that need to take track of match-time with several different tennis players. But also private persons that like having a small statistics over their played tennis adversaries and friends. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Counting Buttons are big and easy to press - especially on the Apple Watch. You will not loose time or have to face tiny buttons. Your counting experience is as robust as possible even during a tight match! The counting works through tipping on the corresponding tennis-player's name or score (i.e.big buttons on Apple Watch). The game- and set-scores are counted according to the international tennis rules. There is a player's-database configurable on the iPhone/iPad that lets the user choose new tennis-adversaries. Once several adversaries are defined, the app allows for simple switch between these adversary-players. All match-settings (including match-time and statistics etc.) are stored prior to the switching. The user can easily go back to another player and continue the match with that person. Therefore the app allows for multi games. While switching to another adversary-player, the Apple Watch will immediately show the new players's name and you can continue the match with that newly chosen player. Switching to another player is also possible on the Apple Watch. Pressing Counting Buttons either on Apple Watch or on iPhone will increase the score. The current match score is immediately mirrored between iPhone and Apple Watch. There is an undo-function on both devices with a 50-movement memory per player.