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Fit Girl Slim Time 15 minute workouts : Fitness Trainer Workouts to melt fat in 1/2 the time

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Are both time and money keeping you from a Rockin’ Body? SOLVED!! Doug Bennett, Top American Trainer and The Body Transformation Magician, has created another Expert 15 Minute Workout and Fitness Trainer App that literally Melts Fat in half the time.

Now you can start stripping stubborn fat, burning calories, tone and sculpt the body you desire in just 15 minutes a day with your Fitgirl Slim Time App.

Don't let time be an excuse ever again from getting a "Totally Tone & Slim Body". All you'll need is your body and these one of a kind expert created workouts that will make your body transform both quickly and safely.
*Cardio Fitness * Toning *Strength * Weight Loss * Energy *Core

In just a few days you will Tighten Your Thighs, Flatten Your Belly, Firm Your Bum, Feel Fantastic and lose inches from your entire body.

Simply, let this Breakthrough 15 minute Workout App guide you with a Day-by-Day Food and Fitness Plan that will transform your body into a “NEW YOU: strong, slim, sexy & fit”!

These Expert Created workouts for ladies are guaranteed to make your friends say, “WOW! How did you do it?"

You'll never workout the same! You get to Experience Ultimate Results without paying thousands to personally train with a Top American Trainer.

Unlike other apps that say, “do 10 of this and 10 of that…with no reason or science behind it.”

Fitgirl Slim Time App for women is scientifically sequenced to combine both resistance and cardio exercises in each and every workout. You'll never feel like you haven't worked out. Each exercise builds upon another to make your body burn fat while sculpting hidden muscle.

Plus you'll look forward to each and every workout. They are fun, motivating, varied and proven to work.

Featuring 3 slimming cleansing diets and over 40 fast-paced, fat burning workouts for ladies that combine both cardiovascular and weight resistance exercises to help you lose inches around your entire body while sculpting and toning your muscles.

Cute Bum! Amazing Arms! Strong Body! Lean Legs! Tight Thighs! Flat Belly! Tone Shoulders!

Bang! Get it all in just 15 minutes a day… Guaranteed!

Click which body part you want to change and follow along to get BODY LOVING RESULTS!

• 3 Metabolic, Tummy Tuck Diets. All Created with natural foods.
• Detailed 3 day Detox diet
• 2 -Day-by-Day 21 Day Lean Body Diet Plans (motived and serious plans)
• Complete Exercise and Video Library for expert Fitness Instruction
• 3-30 Day Metabolic Guides based upon your Goal. Each Day gives you an exact plan to get your best results.
• One of a kind 15 minute laser focused workouts that are unlike any other workout you’ve done.
• Over 30 fat burning workouts that will transform every area of your body.
• Workouts for outside, inside, the gym and home.
• Little or no equipment needed.
• Full body and body specific workouts that you can do at home, traveling, outside or at work.
• Cardio Boxing, Ladder Agility, Boot Camp, Body Sculpting, Kick Boxing
• Pilates, Power Yoga, Weight Training, Plyometrics
• Workouts: Arms, Legs, Abs, Bum, Chest, Shoulders, Cardio Fitness and Whole Body
• Most Diversified Fitness Programs on the app store.

Doug Bennett’s Mission:
To help thousands of ladies, just like you, get healthy, strong and love their body without breaking the bank. He wants to show that each app he creates can give you better results than paying 3 easy payments of $29.95.
Metabolic Burners and SlimTime 15 minute workouts both will set the bar for other trainers to follow. You’ll see exactly why his workouts work and he's a leader in the health and fitness industry.

Start training today and you’ll agree that this app is worth 50x its cost.
So, what are you waiting for?
Download the Fitgirl Slim Time 15 minute workout app for ladies right now and get the body you’ve always wanted