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Snoring - How loud is my snoring ?

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Ever wondered how loud your snoring really is?
Does your partner always hassle you about how loud your snoring is?
Do you keep up the whole household with your excessive sleep noises?

Well this app is for you!

Just put your phone under the pillow or on the bedside cabinet and tap the start button, the app waits for you to be asleep and then listens out for loud noises during the night, recording each segment of noise into a separate recording. In the morning return to the app and see how many times it has recorded and listen to each recording to see the truth behind the accusations! Maybe it’s not actually you who are the loud one and it was your partner all along!

As well as snoring the App will record any loud talking through the night so you can find out exactly what your sleep talking reveals about you.

Simple to use, great fun all around!