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Memathena - Brain training and practice

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
  • Education
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Memory is the most important tool in study, research and work. Having a good memory means you have a higher ability to fulfill any task.

Memory is not merely an endowed ability, although a few people naturally have better memories than others, in most cases a good memory is a result of a training process with the right scientific method.

"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration" (Thomas Edison)

"Memathena" is inspired by the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena and the advanced memory training methods. The application opens avenues to study and practice in order to optimize brain capacity to everyone through the new techniques.

Memathena helps users to train their memory through picture memorizing exercises from the level easy, medium, hard to very hard. Steps to practice with the game:

Step 1: The app will show you in turn pictures of number 10, 15, 20, 25 in random order, the user need to remember the pictures being displayed as well as their order.

Step 2: Testing. The app will display 4 images for each location and the user needs to select the correct images being displayed. The display time limit depends on each level. If the users do not choose/out of time, or choose the wrong image, will not score points for that image.

When finished, the application will display the results, including:

- The score, the right choices and the wrong choices
- The best results of the user for each level
- Average results of latest times (maximum of 10) for each level

Start improving your memory with Memathena application. It’s not that you are not participating in a competition, it is using an effective tool to develop your brains. Think of it as an opportunity.