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Word Hunting

iPhone / iPad
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Are you ready to go Word Hunting ? Start simply with our endless mode and build up your skills for the crazier modes, like the Beat The Clock mode. Each puzzle contains a hidden phrase that you have to discover.

But be careful ! Wrong choices have consequences. Depending on the game mode you choose, they will cost you time or points. Get ready to play with the thousands of phrases that the game can bring up. Can you do it faster than others ? Are you able to place yourself in the top leaderboard spots ?

Compete in categories like Popular Movies, Famous Actors/Actresses, Cartoon Characters, Popular Video Games and Random Topics. And there's more to come !

The game contains the following modes that promise to keep you busy, even if you are a hardcore Word Hunter !

1) Endless Mode - Relax and try to discover as many phrases as you can. There are no time limits here. Try to achieve as high a score as possible.

2) Beat The Clock Mode - You have 15 minutes to find 20 phrases. Careful though, 5 seconds are added to your clock for each wrong letter choice.

3) Set Your Time Mode - A wrong letter choice costs you 2 seconds, but a correct letter choice awards you with 4 seconds for your clock. Your Clock starts at 15 minutes and you lose if it reaches 0 seconds. How high can you go ?

4) Costly Mistakes Mode - You are allowed to make 100 wrong letter choices. How infallible are you ?

5) Survival Mode - For Hardcore players. You begin with 5000 points and your goal is to survive for as long as possible till your points drop to 0. You lose 20 points for every 10 seconds that pass. Correct letter choices mitigate the effect of wrong letter choices.