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Cattle Treatment Manager - Hospital Manager

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The Hospital Manager is a companion app to the Cattle Treatment Manager website. Along with the Pen Rider smartphone app and the resources at the Cattle Treatment Manager website, this complete treatment program is a tool for large animal veterinarians provided by Merck Animal Health. It is designed to help veterinarians increase their supervision and influence over the use of antibiotics and other therapeutic products for their beef producing clients. Veterinarians are mandated to use antibiotics in a judicious manner to maintain the trust of the consuming public and to maintain the high standards of food quality for human consumption. The Hospital Manager provides an easy to use platform to facilitate the proper use of pharmaceuticals by documenting veterinary control of the drugs used and calculating correct dosages. In addition, the Hospital Manager alerts cattle owners to drug withdrawal cautions and timelines, thereby decreasing the opportunity for any violative residues in the food chain. Merck Animal Health will reserve the right to provide the app exclusively to licensed veterinarians or beef producers closely supervised by licensed veterinarians, in order to insure that proper professional oversight is utilized in the planning and execution of cattle treatment plans.

The Hospital Manager facilitates the accurate completion and documentation of preventative and therapeutic protocols for cattle producers of all types. The app will provide a mobile alternative for recording treatments in real time, on site, to improve the accuracy of both the treatment and the record. As the veterinarian and client discuss herd disease challenges and prevention needs, processing and treatment plans are developed by the veterinarian to meet those needs. Once an animal is identified for treatment, the Hospital Manager app matches the products and correct dosages to the animal that have been established by the supervising veterinarian. Information including, animal ID, diagnosis, treatment, body weight, temperature, withdrawal dates, and date of treatment are recorded. These records are maintained for future reference as required by law.
In addition to treatment recording, the Hospital Manager app makes important information available to the treatment crew that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment plans. When an animal is identified that may need treatment, the Hospital Manager app can provide historical information regarding prior treatments that can influence the treatment decisions. Reports with health performance results will also help keep the treatment crew aware of groups of animals that may have special needs or challenges.

All of these steps can be accomplished in a matter of minutes using the Hospital Manager app. With this improved communication and documentation tool, every herd owner can have access to a customized herd treatment program designed and supervised by a licensed veterinarian. By strengthening the veterinary client patient relationship (VCPR) the Hospital Manager can be an important tool in documenting the judicious use of antibiotics in the cattle treatment sector. Overall, the Hospital Manager can improve the health and productivity of beef herds by strengthening the relationship and communication between the herd owner and their veterinarian.