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RPN HexCalc

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Education
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This RPN scientific calculator provides useful hexadecimal functions, including:

Bit Set,
Bit Clear,
Bit Shift Left,
Bit Shift Right,
Reverse Bit Order,
Invert Bits,
Divide (with fractional results),
and of course Multiply, Subtract and Add.

This calculator converts between hexadecimal- and decimal-based numbers with one keystroke.

In decimal mode a number of popular arithmetic functions are supported, including:

y to the x power,
10 to the x power,
e to the x power,
common and natural logarithms of x,
square root of x,
inverse of x,
sine and cosine of x (in radians),
conversion of x from degrees to radians,
and the constant pi.

In hex mode, Bit Set, Bit Clear, Bit Shift Left, and Bit Shift Right are all implemented by typing a decimal number and then tapping BIT, then SET, CLR, SHL, or SHR.

There are 6 storage registers (A through F) supported by this calculator. Registers stored in hex mode can be recalled in decimal mode and vice-versa.

A backspace key has been provided for convenience. Also this calculator supports both portrait and landscape orientations.

The goal of this calculator is to provide desirable hexadecimal functions that are not usually found on other scientific calculators. At the same time, the calculator is intended to have an uncluttered interface with the largest possible keys, while still minimizing the number of keystrokes required to implement a function.