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New Leaf - A New Start

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New Leaf is here to help people deal with resilience topics. Knowing how you think and feel in key areas of life will help you be mindful in everyday situations and promotes active thinking about how to improve.

New Leaf deals with the following topics. Each topic asks ten questions and evaluates the answer. Results and advice are given to allow the user to think about each topic and how it affects their lives. Gamification is key to this app as continued use is vital for success.

Confidence Building.
It's the corner stone of feeling good and performing well in social situations. When you feel confident it shows through your speech and body language. Better understanding of how confident you are will help you improve.

These skills are something most people overlook... until they realise it might be letting them down. Being a great negotiator doesn't mean you have to have political style debates at every opportunity, it just means you can actively get your point across and defend your position in the right way.

Having the right Mindset builds the foundation of ones ambitions and focus. New Leaf will help you understand your Mindset better and get you thinking whether it marries well with your ambitions and goals in life.

Emotional Intelligence.
Understanding how your emotions affect you can be the key to having a calm and peaceful life. When your annoyed or angry how does this affect your actions. The better you are at understanding how your actions are affected by your emotions the less chance you have of making a snap decision you might regret in the future.

Decision Making.
Ever regretted a decision you made in the past? Or maybe more than one? New Leaf aims to help you understand the decision making process and how your brain works when making decisions. Only after thought and evaluation can help improve the decision making process.

Possibly the most important skill to have in the real world. Employers love people who can communicate effectively and calmly, this is mainly what a job interview tests for. Understanding how well you communicate with others and thinking about how it can be improved is vital for success.

New Leaf is brought to you by SteinbeckCIC. A company registered in England & Wales sponsored by The National Lottery programme.