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Kind Words for Kids

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
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For anyone who’s ever gone to counseling, you know that a lot of your emotional ailments could have been cured if someone was to be kind at a critical time in your life. The Kind Words project will help change the soundtrack of your child’s life. We don’t know what voices are playing in our kid’s minds during the day and when they lay down at night. Voice of bullies at school, an emotional moment we had with them, a teacher who had a bad day, or even just the negative thoughts they have about themselves.

Kind Words for Kids is edifying as well as soothing to help them go to sleep and wake up listening to how great they are and how much they are loved!

- With the iOS version, you can record your own voice and swipe our recording to the left to skip it and only play yours if you desire. This is a great opportunity for your children to rest and wake up to your voice supported by beautiful soothing music everyday!

About Us:
We are the inventors of Music Healing. When we first created Music Healing, it was because our own families were dealing with problems sleeping, family issues and other emotional trauma. Well we heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the lord so we sought to find the secret and created Music Healing. We had reports of People with Sensory Conditions who were soothed, babies who finally could sleep, adults with insomnia finally sleeping and so much more. This is not just a project for us, it’s our passion. We use this and these methods for ourselves and our own children so please join us as we change the world with these emotionally restoring products. Write a good review, blog or feature these products if you are able; we are not a large corporation so we need you just as much as we believe you and your family need these products.