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Anipaint Train

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Have you ever wished you could create your own cartoon? With Anipaint even a kid can easily do it!
This app contains a story-line template, or a sequence of shots, which can be colored and built upon.

Anipaint was created with was created with neuropsychologists´ recommendations in mind and is good for developing children's cognitive skills, such as memory, ideation, creativity. Why is that? Because to create a consistent cartoon, your kid will have to remember what colors their characters are and what happened to the objects from the previous shots.
Coloring of smaller objects and details is made easier by a “smart contour” feature, which keeps the paint inside the lines.
If your children crave for instant results, they can approach the task minimalistically and color only the most important objects from their point of view. This way a cartoon will still be created!

How it works:
How do I choose a shot for coloring? Choose a shot by clicking on the “film” in the bottom of the screen. To look through the shots available in the film, scroll it with your finger.
How do I color and paint? Touch the big screen in the centre and a palette will appear. Now you can either color by choosing colors and moving your finger inside any of the objects/shapes or paint, when doing so outside of any of the provided contours.
How do I move to the next shot? Arrows to the left and to the right lead you back to the “film”. Choose any of the shots and color! It is also possible to go back to the previous shots and edit them.
How do I watch result? To watch your cartoon click on “Play” button on the left.
How do I erase what I have painted? There is an eraser in the palette with the colors, with the help of it, you can remove the unwanted elements. In case you would like to erase everything and start from scratch, please use an eraser on the left, below the “Play” button.

Use your imagination, create! Add unique details and drawings to the template and enjoy the result by pressing “Play”!

Animation: Sasha Gorshkova
The app is recommended for kids from 5-12 y.o., who enjoys drawing, coloring and interested in animation.