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GlobAR enables you to see relevant, updated information layers on top of any real world object or image. Simply scan the printed material, an object or image wherever you see the GlobAR icon and you will be amazed of the added digital material that appears on top of it.

Useful for?
• For making printed material come alive – manuals, brochures, leaflets, business cards, magazines, ads, packages etc.
• For adding information to objects

What to scan?
• Wherever you see the GlobAR icon you know there is some added material available if you scan it. Example material:

What appears?
• The added information can be in different formats, e.g. videos, animations, webpages, 3D models, infographics, interactive applications, podcasts, direct links for registering, shopping etc.
• The added information can be changed at any time without changing the printed material or the object

• Want to add information to print material or an object? -> Contact 3D Studio Blomberg
• How to scan? -> 1) Open the app in your smart phone/tablet, 2) scan the picture / object and the added information appears


• Reads QR codes
• Zoom in and out function
• Pop out content
• Analysis available

Upcoming features:
• Favorites. Save your favorite added information, such as videos, animations, recipes, coupons to be able to view them also later without needing to scan again
• Push notifications